About Aidem Laicos (Social Media)

You should've got it by now that Aidem Laicos is the reverse of "Social Media."

Search for social media on the internet and you'll find thousands of pages on social media tips, FAQs, how to's and do's and don'ts.  This blog may be harder to search for but that's just it!  The blog will be shared, accessed, discussed on social media.  The content will also come from whats happening on social media.

There's also a ton of insights to share, intelligent opinions to make and point out why you should care.

Formerly, Pinoy Social Media, this blog has taken a turn and transformation to expand discussions and insights not just on Philippine Social Media but more focused now on Social Media in the Asian region and include global topics that trend also in the Asian region.

Feel free to comment and share with your friends.  After all, that was social media is for.
Want to talk about a specific topic?  Send us a message and I'll do my best to give my insights.
Happy reading !

About the Author

Jay de Jesus aims to be a social media influencer by sharing content and insights on social media. Being an experienced web, internet & social media manager skilled in developing and implementing social media communication and strategic online campaigns producing results, Jay is keen on exchanging ideas, tips as well as experiment on new tools and technologies.