About the Social Media DJ

So who is the Social Media DJ?

That would be me, Jay de Jesus.  My username for the past 20 years on the internet is JayDJ and I've spent almost the last 10 years working professionally managing social media and digital content, hence, Social Media DJ. Oh and if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not a DeeJay (like in the radio station or in the club).  It's just my name's initials.  I used to be a musical arranger though which is why the monicker Social Media DJ resonates well with me.  

As the first social media specialist for U.S. Embassy Manila from mid 2010 to mid 2016, I created the social media strategy and overall social media presence of multiple social media accounts.  Part of the responsibilities also included monitoring of breaking news and trending topics on social media.
Collaborating with my other counterparts from other U.S. Embassies in South East Asia also exposed me to different best practices from different parts of the region.  It provided a better wholistic understanding to how social media works in Asia.

There's lots to say about me that I don't know where to begin. I'll post my social media accounts so you could get to know me personally on social media.  Do add me and let me know if you've found me through this blog.  I'll surely respond to thank you personally.

Twitter: @jaydj
Instagram: @jaydjnet
YouTube: @jaydj
Facebook Page (for all my blogs): DJBlogs
Google+ : +JayDeJesus

Thanks in advance!

Socially Yours,

About the Author

Jay de Jesus aims to be a social media influencer by sharing content and insights on social media. Being an experienced web, internet & social media manager skilled in developing and implementing social media communication and strategic online campaigns producing results, Jay is keen on exchanging ideas, tips as well as experiment on new tools and technologies.