New Year's Social Media Resolutions

What are your social media resolutions?
It's a new year and with that, New Year's Resolutions usually become a trending topic simply because 'tis the season to make them. It's also the time to look back at those you've made the last year to see how many you successfully checked off your list.

With a huge chunk of people's lives going online now, social media also plays a huge part of our time. What are you planning on doing this year? More social media? Less social media? Get on a new platform? Less reading, more engagement? More reading? Less engagement? Quicker response times? More live video? Doing social good? Less rants?

Whatever it is, we all have our social media resolutions even if we don't write them down. What are yours? What do you want to achieve more out of social media this year?

About the Author

Jay de Jesus aims to be a social media influencer by sharing content and insights on social media. Being an experienced web, internet & social media manager skilled in developing and implementing social media communication and strategic online campaigns producing results, Jay is keen on exchanging ideas, tips as well as experiment on new tools and technologies.