AFP to hold 3rd Social Media Summit

In 2014, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) held its first Social Media Summit as a call to the changing times where social media has become a critical resource and tool for public outreach and feedback.  Last June 23, 2015, the 2nd Social Media Summit's theme was: “Advancing Patriotism in the Age of Internet of Things” held at the AFP Theatre, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.
This year's theme is “Change.Move.Achieve: Moving forward through Social Media.”

The one-day summit is spearheaded by Media and Civil Affairs Group (MCAG) and Civil-Military Operations School of the Civil Relations Service (CMOS) of the AFP.  It aims to present initiatives in information and communication management, enhance the skills of social media managers and build bigger network with AFP’s civilian counter parts, and establish synergy in harnessing social media efforts to achieve national goals.

Topics covered and to be discussed by social media gurus at the 3rd AFP Social Media Summit are:
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Benchmarks
  • Organizing and Mobilizing Online Community
  • Going Viral: Lessons for Creating Stories with Impact
  • Bridging Generation Gaps and Social Media
  • Shaping National Issues through Social Media
  • Social Media and Countering Violent Extremism
In comparison, 2015 topics tackled:
  • Social Media That Works: Best Practices in Building Social Media Plan for Organizations
  • Social Media in Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things
  • Role of Social Media in Peace Building -Using Analytics to Predict Social Media Opportunities
  • Radicalization in Social Media
  • Legislative Breakthroughs in the Age of the Internet of Things
  • Social Media Strategy That Works: Best Practices in Building Social Media Plan for Organizations
  • Forward Looking: What’s next in n the Future of Social Media
  • What lies ahead for Social Media as tool for uplifting an organization’s image.
Information Officers from various units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of National Defense, Philippine National Police, Academic Institutions and other Government Organizations and Agencies will attend the conference. Non-government and Civil-Society organizations will also be invited.

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