Philippine Presidential Inaugural Livestreams on YouTube and Now Facebook

During the former Philippine President Aquino administration, major events involving the President have been livestreamed on YouTube from 2010 - 2016.

Noting that Facebook has played a significant role as a venue for online engagement during the recent Philippine Elections, newly appointed Chief of Presidential Communications Office's Martin Andanar met with head of Facebook Public Policy for Asia Pacific, Elizabeth Hernandez to discuss livestreaming the newly elected Philippine President inaugural on June 30.

To cater to the online audience and Filipinos worldwide, the Philippine President Inaugural was livestreamed both on Facebook at while livestreamed on YouTube via the RTV Malacanang channel at

Martin Andanar said "I will propose to the president that after the inaugural, thereafter, all of the briefings, all of the presidential briefings and announcements should be streamed on Facebook."

How did both Facebook and YouTube fare?
By the middle of President Duterte's speech at 12:12pm, there were more than twice Facebook viewers as YouTube viewers with Facebook having 61,464 viewers and YouTube at 25,871 viewers.
By the end of the speech at 12:18pm,  there were 26.5K viewers on YouTube and 63.8K viewers on Facebook.

On a fast internet connection, we were able to load and watch both livestreams simultaneously.  YouTube's version has better quality since it can offer up to 1080HD via its video settings.  Facebook doesn't offer any video quality options so only a default is available.

It's also worth nothing that during the President's speech, there were more shares of the Facebook live video (26K) than the number of actual YouTube viewers (25K).  Based on the initial statistics on Facebook live for the Philippine Government, it seems it has shown potential of continued and increased government outreach via social media.

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