Social Media Day 2015 Philippines

The annual Social Media Day in the Philippines is going to be held 3 days earlier than the global Social Media Day by Mashable which is on June 30. Why?

Cause It's More Fun In The Philippines! (and because it's a weekend).

The 4th Annual celebration of Social Media Day organized by TweetupMNL will be held on June 27, 2015 at Museo Pambata, corner of Roxas Blvd and Kalaw St. in Manila.

Over 35 social media communities, including Soundcloud, IGers, Hootsuite, Pinoy Exchange, Tumblr, TweetupMNL, Mozilla, Google Groups (Education, Business, Developers) and more will be present. This year's theme is #ChangePH, a celebration for Filipino netizens to be empowered with all the changes that are happening. This will also be the 1st virusal story of social media day that will be covered using new social media platforms such as SnapChat, Meerkat and Periscope.

Entrance is free but you have to register online here.

Follow hashtag #ChangePH for updates!

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