MMDA vs. PAGASA: Twitter Tale of the Tape

Snapshot taken Oct. 30, 2014 6:15pm
Traffic vs. Weather
As much as a lot of people follow @MMDA (1.24M) to receive updates on traffic, @dost_pagasa has much more followers with 1.64 million receiving status updates on the weather. However, despite the large gap, @MMDA follows more accounts than @dost_pagasa, though considering their millions of followers, they have a very low following count (42 and 14).

In terms of engagement for the month of October 2014, both considerably sustain the same amount of effort. With regards to mentions though, @MMDA gets much more mentions, which makes sense since there are much more traffic activity and updates than storm activity in a day. Lastly, @MMDA tweets most on Thursdays at 7pm (which is peak hour in traffic) while @dost_pagasa is at 11pm (which is one of their standard times for providing a storm update).

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