Mark Zuckerberg Marriage Status Update Gets Thousands of Likes per Minute

The week has been a big week for Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with 2 huge status updates: On a business level, Facebook has finally gone IPO with a company valuation of $104 billion. And on a personal level, Mark marries his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan.  In a photo status update on his Facebook account, Mark Zuckerberg add a wedding photo of himself with Priscilla on his timeline.  

And within minutes, Mark's post gets thousands of likes.  In fact the status update is getting an average of 3,000 likes per minute!

5 minutes - 19,413 likes
6 minutes - 26,457 likes
11 minutes - 50,338 likes
13 minutes - 56,889 likes
20 minutes - 82,161 likes
29 minutes - 109,994 likes
30 minutes - 113,713 likes
34 minutes - 122,777 likes
39 minutes - 136,698 likes
45 minutes - 148,731 likes
57 minutes - 171,509 likes
1 hour - 177,379 likes

Update: As of May 21 (3 days after posting), the status update reached 1 million likes and still counting.
May 22 (morning) - 1,150,826 likes

Congratulations to the newlyweds Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan and best wishes !  Looking forward to more couple status updates!

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