Valentine's Viral Video from Dove

Celebrating holidays are a great way of amplifying a message on social media.

On Valentine's day this video entitled "Real Men Surprise Their Dates" had gone viral reaching several thousands of views in just a few days.  The video description says
"On a special Valentine's Day surprise, a group of men accomplished the unexpected by showing their wives, fiancées, and girlfriends just how much they care. With a little help from Dove Men + Care Deodorant, these men got to sing their hearts out to their loved ones without so much as breaking a sweat."

In less than 10 days, this video got 900 thousand views, over with almost half of them viewed on Facebook.
The video got over 5,000 likes, close to a thousand comments, tagged as favorite over a thousand times and garnered the Bronze trending medal from YouTube for gaining huge attention over the last week and is currently seeing exceptional growth in viewership. Though the video was taken in the Philippines, a lot of views also originated from the United States, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

YouTube video stats as of February 23, 2012
In London, Dove launched a twitter campaign asking people to answer “What do you love about your Valentine?.” Tweets and SMS messages were displayed on a huge screen in Victoria Station where around 350,000 people pass though each day. The campaign was part of an ongoing ‘Campaign For Real Beauty’.

With pretty impressive reach in their respective campaigns, Dove's done an excellent job in making good use of social media. 

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