Google Releases 2 Apps To Assist People Affected by Typhoon Sendong

To respond to the recent flood caused by Typhoon Sendong, Google puts together a Person Finder app for locating lost friends and relatives severely and directly affected by the typhoon.

The Person Finder: Typhoon Sendong app allows anyone to enter a person's name or parts of the name into a form and check whether the person is declared by others as missing or not.

In addition, one can create a record to account for a missing person by entering the person's details such as name, physical characteristics, home address, description and photo.  The missing person's details are then entered into a database which can be used as reference for people who may know the whereabouts of the missing person.

The 2nd app is a Typhoon Sendong Crisis Map
  • Crisis Map

This is basically a visual map of donation centers, shelters, and typhoon updates.  All the locations are presented as a overlay on the map and clickable with links and further details.

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