2 Different Emotional Videos Trending on YouTube & Twitter

Two videos of varying emotions, have just gone viral and are raking up thousands of views since their uploads within the past few days.  Both are emotional in an extreme spectrum, one sad and the other happy.

Mo Twister

A video of TV host and DJ Mo Twister recently leaked on YouTube  The video depicts an emotional Mo Twister talking to himself about sensitive issues with his ex-girlfriend.  Mo Twister denied that he uploaded the video.  He explained though that he sold his computer and there is a possibility that someone undeleted the files on the hard drive.

The video was uploaded on  a newly created YouTube account named PrettyJenny55 last November 28, 2011.  Despite being a new account with only 1 video, the video currently has garnered more than 140K views (as of Dec. 3, 2011 5pm).  Just a few hours ago this morning, the video only had 80K views. Although the video was uploaded on Nov. 28, it went viral on Dec. 1.   Unfortunately, the video has received more than double the dislikes than likes on YouTube.
YouTube View stats as of Dec. 3, 2011 5pm


On a happier note, Coca-cola uploaded a video entitled "Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project."  The video is about 3 lucky Overseas Filipino Workers, each who haven't seen their loved ones in years, longing to see their loved ones.  Coca-cola chose these 3 Filipinos and gave them a chance to come home to visit and surprise their families.  The result is a touching reunion with a feast each family enjoys with a bottle of Coca-cola.

as of Dec. 3, 2011 1pm
As of Dec. 3, 2011 5pm, the touching video has received over 262K views and over 6,300 likes since its upload last Dec. 1, 2011 .  There is also another version without English subtitles which has received over 195K views and over 3,000 likes.

On twitter (as of Dec. 3, 2011 morning) , 3 Philippine trending topics (Mo Twister, Rhian Ramos and Coca-Cola are related the two videos with  Mo Twister still a Philippine trending topic.

Both videos are currently spotted on the Trending section of YouTube Philippines.

Dec. 4 Update: As of Dec. 4, 8am, the Coca-cola video now has a total of 452K views, with an additional 190K views in the past 15 hours.  The Mo Twister video also received an additional 130K views in the last 15 hours bringing its total to 270K views.  Neither topic are currently trending on Twitter.

Dec. 5 Update:  As of Dec. 5, 6am, the Mo Twister video is now up to 385K views.  And similar to the way the video was leaked, several YouTube users have also "copied" the video and posted it on their own channel.  Regardless of user, the newly spawned videos are receiving thousands of views.
Given that, the total viewership of the video regardless of source is now up to 814K.

As for the Coca-cola video, the version with subtitles is now at 655K views while it's non-subtitle counterpark received 337K views totalling almost a million views with 992K and still increasing.  Both the Coca-cola and Mo Twister videos have been featured on TV news and entertainment shows over the weekend which may have helped in adding up more views for both videos.

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