Philippines Now Has Over 27 Million Facebook Users

As of December 27, 2011, Facebook has a total of 27,033,680 registered Facebook users from the Philippines.  At the start of 2011, there were 20 million Filipino Facebook users and by June 2011, there were 24.5 million users.  The 16 - 24 age bracket represents half of the Filipino Facebook population.
Source: (Dec. 28, 2011)

The Facebook user population has sustained a steady increase of 100 million users every 6 months since mid 2010.  Facebook reached the 500 million mark in July 2010, 600 million 6 months later in January 2011 and 700 million in July 2011.  And the world Facebook population is just about to reach 800 million in a few days.

The Philippines is still in the top 10 largest countries on Facebook ranked 8th.  Earlier this year, the Philippines reached 5th place, the highest rank ever the Philippines has achieved on Facebook.

Other noteworthy online achievements by the Philippines was reached on Feb. 15, 2011 when the Philippines reached an all-time record global market share in Facebook at 3.71%, the highest the country has experienced.
Source: (Dec. 28, 2011)

Simbang Gabi Masses Livestream on YouTube

Official page for Simbang Gabi 2011 
Television network TV5 offers Simbang Gabi Masses for Filipinos worldwide via livestream on their YouTube channel and embeded on their websites, and  The official landing page for the 9 day Christmas novena mass is at . Entitled "Simbang Gabi 2011", the mass being livestreamed is from Quiapo church from December 16 to 24, 2011 at 5:00am Manila time.

The landing page includes a disclaimer stating that the livestream does not substitute for the mass. Parishoners still have to attend masses in their Churches. Live streaming was set up for those who, due to their illness, could not go to Mass; or those who, due to their location, do not have Churches to go to. Those who already went to mass may also view the live streaming, especially devotees, to nourish their faith and devotion.

Being a YouTube local content partner, TV5 has the ability to offer Livestream features on their YouTube channel as well as provide clips longer than the 15 minute limit for standard users.  All previous masses are archived and can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

Cebu Pacific Holds 2 Day Contest Exclusively for Facebook & Twitter Followers

Harnessing their huge social networks, Cebu Pacific holds a 2 day contest exclusively for their Facebook & Twitter followers on December 21 & 22, 2011. The prizes amount to a whopping P450,000. worth of tickets to the Mamma Mia stageplay to be held at the CCP Main Theater on January 24, 2012.

25 winners from Facebook and 25 winners from Twitter will each win two (2) tickets to the MAMMA MIA stageplay.

Tickets won through Twitter will be usable at Section B of the CCP Main Theater, with each ticket worth P4,000. while tickets won through Facebook will be usable at Section A, Lower Box of the CCP Main Theater, with each ticket worth P5,000.

The contest is open to all residents in the Philippines who are current Facebook Official Page fans and Official Twitter Account followers who are over 18 years of age.  The mechanics are a simple question an answer type with the 1st few correct answers win tickets.

Cebu Pacific will publicly announce the start of the Contest event (Dec. 21 for Facebook and Dec. 22 for Twitter) on their respective social networks accounts.
Instructions for Facebook-based participants:

  1. When the phrase "WATCH MAMMA MIA FOR FREE!"is posted by the Page Administrator, it will be followed by a) a Cebu Pacific OR Mamma Mia trivia question, and b) the number of tickets available for that particular post.
  2. The first participant/s (number of winners will be equal to the number mentioned in the post) to succesfully answer the question as a COMMENT and not a separate Wall post will each win 2 tickets to the Mamma Mia play.
  3. Winners through Facebook will be notified only by Facebook's Messages function.

Instructions for Twitter-based participants:

  1. When the phrase "#cebupacificmammamiatickets"is tweeted by the Page Administrator, it will be followed by a) a Cebu Pacific OR Mamma Mia trivia question, and b) the number of tickets available for that particular post.
  2. The first participant/s (number of winners will be equal to the number mentioned in the post) to succesfully answer the question as a tweet while Mentioning @Cebupacificair AND using the hashtag "#cebupacificmammamiatickets" will each win 2 tickets to the Mamma Mia play.
  3. Winners through Twitter will be temporarily Followed by the CebuPacificAir Account and will be notified through Twitter's Direct Message (DM) Function.
To date, Cebu Pacific has 439,704 followers on Facebook and 334,052 followers on Twitter.

Update:  As of Dec. 22, 2011 4pm, their contest hashtag #cebupacificmammamiatickets is now a Philippine trending topic on twitter with over 1,000 tweets.

Google Releases 2 Apps To Assist People Affected by Typhoon Sendong

To respond to the recent flood caused by Typhoon Sendong, Google puts together a Person Finder app for locating lost friends and relatives severely and directly affected by the typhoon.

The Person Finder: Typhoon Sendong app allows anyone to enter a person's name or parts of the name into a form and check whether the person is declared by others as missing or not.

In addition, one can create a record to account for a missing person by entering the person's details such as name, physical characteristics, home address, description and photo.  The missing person's details are then entered into a database which can be used as reference for people who may know the whereabouts of the missing person.

The 2nd app is a Typhoon Sendong Crisis Map
  • Crisis Map

This is basically a visual map of donation centers, shelters, and typhoon updates.  All the locations are presented as a overlay on the map and clickable with links and further details.

Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards 2011

Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards 2011
After the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards, now comes the Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards or PEBA 2011.  PEBA is geared to recognize the contributions of Filipino bloggers abroad. This year’s theme is dubbed as "Ako'y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko'y Pagbabago." (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change) as Balikbayans not only send back their monetary remittances; but social remittances as well.

For this year PEBA opens a new blog search called PEBA’s Any Blogger, Anywhere for allFilipino bloggers in various categories, at home or abroad. This year’sblog contest will look into narratives as to how returning Expats/OFW will make use and share their social remittance or their talents, skills and fortunes to bring change to their families, communities and country. Expats/OFW bloggers who will be joining the contest will be required to write a blog entry on the said theme. There is also an ongoing blog contest for OFW supporters.

For 2011, VIPinoy, a service and perks for overseas Filipinos and OFWs offered by Ayala Malls is the biggest sponsor of PEBA. Ayala Mall is providing Trinoma Activity Center as the venue for the awards nights on December 9, 2011 and Market Market as venue for its photo exhibit from December 9, 2011. PEBA is equally supported by one of its long time partner NOKIA and communication giant Globe Telecom.

For more information regarding PEBA, please visit

Philippine Blog Awards Winners (Luzon, Nationals & Special Awards)

The 3rd and final installment of the Philippine Blog Awards recently held its Luzon and Nationals awards last December 3, 2011 at the RCBC theater in Makati City.  The PBA gave recognition to outstanding blogs in 8 different categories for Luzon, 19 categories representing the National level and 7 additional special award citations.

The Philippine Blog Awards was hosted by founder of Rock Ed Philippines Gang Badoy. Award presentors included Hannah Villasis of, Vince Golangco of, Tonyo Cruz of, Carlo Ople of, Azrael Coladilla of, Ferdz Decena of, Mark & Gail Villanueva of and social media personality Christopher Lao.

Some award highlights included The Professional Heckler who won the Best in Humor Blog award for a 4th year in a row, and Fitz Villafuerte who bagged the Best in Business Blog for the 2nd straight year with his blog Ready to be Rich at

Here is the full list of winners:

In addition, PBA president Juned Sonido, also revealed that the Philippine Blog Awards and Habitat for Humanity have signed a partnership to go beyond digital borders and help the community as part of this year's theme "Bayanihan." The pilot project is called "Blogger Bahay" which will be located in Metro Manila and will be a sanctuary for past typhoon victims.

From Philippine Blog Awards 2011 (Luzon & Nationals)
Congratulations to all the winners and to the Philippine Blog Awards !

2 Different Emotional Videos Trending on YouTube & Twitter

Two videos of varying emotions, have just gone viral and are raking up thousands of views since their uploads within the past few days.  Both are emotional in an extreme spectrum, one sad and the other happy.

Mo Twister

A video of TV host and DJ Mo Twister recently leaked on YouTube  The video depicts an emotional Mo Twister talking to himself about sensitive issues with his ex-girlfriend.  Mo Twister denied that he uploaded the video.  He explained though that he sold his computer and there is a possibility that someone undeleted the files on the hard drive.

The video was uploaded on  a newly created YouTube account named PrettyJenny55 last November 28, 2011.  Despite being a new account with only 1 video, the video currently has garnered more than 140K views (as of Dec. 3, 2011 5pm).  Just a few hours ago this morning, the video only had 80K views. Although the video was uploaded on Nov. 28, it went viral on Dec. 1.   Unfortunately, the video has received more than double the dislikes than likes on YouTube.
YouTube View stats as of Dec. 3, 2011 5pm


On a happier note, Coca-cola uploaded a video entitled "Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project."  The video is about 3 lucky Overseas Filipino Workers, each who haven't seen their loved ones in years, longing to see their loved ones.  Coca-cola chose these 3 Filipinos and gave them a chance to come home to visit and surprise their families.  The result is a touching reunion with a feast each family enjoys with a bottle of Coca-cola.

as of Dec. 3, 2011 1pm
As of Dec. 3, 2011 5pm, the touching video has received over 262K views and over 6,300 likes since its upload last Dec. 1, 2011 .  There is also another version without English subtitles which has received over 195K views and over 3,000 likes.

On twitter (as of Dec. 3, 2011 morning) , 3 Philippine trending topics (Mo Twister, Rhian Ramos and Coca-Cola are related the two videos with  Mo Twister still a Philippine trending topic.

Both videos are currently spotted on the Trending section of YouTube Philippines.

Dec. 4 Update: As of Dec. 4, 8am, the Coca-cola video now has a total of 452K views, with an additional 190K views in the past 15 hours.  The Mo Twister video also received an additional 130K views in the last 15 hours bringing its total to 270K views.  Neither topic are currently trending on Twitter.

Dec. 5 Update:  As of Dec. 5, 6am, the Mo Twister video is now up to 385K views.  And similar to the way the video was leaked, several YouTube users have also "copied" the video and posted it on their own channel.  Regardless of user, the newly spawned videos are receiving thousands of views.
Given that, the total viewership of the video regardless of source is now up to 814K.

As for the Coca-cola video, the version with subtitles is now at 655K views while it's non-subtitle counterpark received 337K views totalling almost a million views with 992K and still increasing.  Both the Coca-cola and Mo Twister videos have been featured on TV news and entertainment shows over the weekend which may have helped in adding up more views for both videos.

Start of December Becomes a Major Philippine Trending Topic

7 out of the top 10 trending tweets in the Philippines on the morning of December 1 all pertain to the month of "December."

As Filipinos highly celebrate the Christmas season as early as September, the more popular talk about Christmas is apparent come the month of Christmas.

As a matter of fact, last September 1, Filipinos started greeting each other a Merry Christmas which catapulted the greeting into a top Philippine trending topic on Twitter.

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