ABS-CBN Talents Dominate Top 10 Twitter Users in the Philippines

Based on the latest ranking on Famecount.com as of November 7, 2011, 9 out of the top 10 Twitter users in the Philippines are all affiliated with ABS-CBN.

Rank Twitter User Tweets Followers today Followers week Followers month Total Followers Affilitation
1 Anne Curtis-Smith 13,242 6,715 39,825 135,265 1,848,220 ABS-CBN
2 Sam Milby 2,617
19,482 69,218 903,855 ABS-CBN
3 bianca gonzalez 17,703 2,015 12,171 58,769 795,909 ABS-CBN
4 Iya Villania 10,707 2,350 12,284 57,517 783,529 ABS-CBN
5 marietta subong 9,254 1,684 9,250 42,652 772,451 ABS-CBN
6 Luis Manzano 10,781 1,821 13,018 55,645 739,919 ABS-CBN
7 Noynoy Aquino 111 1,564 8,511 28,871 668,018 Politics
8 MYX Philippines 19,297 1,564 9,473 43,806 639,592 ABS-CBN
9 kim atienza 2,248 1,751 8,386 40,143 570,939 ABS-CBN
10 maja salvador 3,736 1,391 9,367 40,570 559,421 ABS-CBN

Topping the charts is Anne Curtis, who is at the top with 1.8 million Twitter followers. Anne's astonishing lead is twice than that of Sam Milby, who is ranked 2nd among all Philippine celebrities and personalities on Twitter. Other ABS-CBN top twitter personalities are Bianca Gonzalez, Iya Villania, Marietta Subong (more popularly known as Pokwang), Luis Manzano, Kim Atienza and Maja Salvador. The only other ABS-CBN affiliated Twitter account which is not an individual is Myx Philippines ranking 8th.

Extracting the most number of tweets posted among the Top 10 Twitter Accounts in the Philippines , Anne Curtis is the 3rd celebrity with the most tweets posted currently at 13,242.

Similarly, 36 Twitter accounts, which account for more than a third of the Top 100 Philippine Twitter accounts in terms of the most number of followers are affiliated with ABS-CBN. Some of them include Karylle, Nikki Gil, John Prats and Karen Davila. In contrast, only 8 of the Top 100 are affiliated with GMA with the likes of Maxene Magalona, Camille Prats, Iza Calzado & Rhian Ramos.

Famecount aims to be a comprehensive and useful source of data on usage trends within the major social networks, and a means for to identify and connect with stars on each of the social networks.

To check out the latest Twitter rankings of Philippine personalities on Social Media, visit http://www.famecount.com/twitter-rank/Philippines

Update:  famecount.com failed to include 2 Filipino celebrities which have a million followers each.
Angel Locsin - 1,090,994 Followers
Jose Marie Viceral (Vice Ganda) - 1,039,645 Followers
The number of their followers puts them in 2nd and 3rd place below Anne Curtis.  Interestingly, both Angel and Vice Ganda are also ABS-CBN talents.

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