Philippines Ranks 26th on Google+

According to Paul Allen, an unofficial Google+ statistician, Google+ currently has an estimated 43.4 million users. He also speculates that around a third of those have recently joined the newest social network a few days after Google+ opened itself to the public.

There are no actual details on statistics similar to those from which provide unofficial yet updated detailed country statistics for Facebook. , a discovery engine which has indexed 16,062,724 Google+ users (as of Sept. 28, 2011) has been able to tally statistics on relationship status, gender, education, occupation, followers, country, city and state based on each Google+ users profile.

The indexed 16 million Google+ users is a far cry from the actual 43.4 million Google+ users.  However, it's the  best source for now (aside from Google itself) which provides statistics.

A look at the country ranking reveals that the Philippines is ranked 26th among the most number of Google+ users worldwide. Out of 16+ million registered users, accounts for 20,085 Filipino users on Google+ as of September 28, 2011.  

Here are the top 30 countries listed with their respective userbase totals.
  1. United States (1,054,382)
  2. India (406,934)
  3. United Kingdom (109,234)
  4. Brazil (100,229)
  5. Germany (77,649)
  6. Canada (72,546)
  7. Indonesia (56,221)
  8. France (55,398)
  9. China (53,278)
  10. Spain (52,762)
  11. Italy (52,397)
  12. Mexico (44,655)
  13. Taiwan (44,601)
  14. Russian Federation (44,204)
  15. Japan (38,933)
  16. Australia (38,470)
  17. Thailand (28,206)
  18. Vietnam (27,052)
  19. Argentina (25,946)
  20. Iran (24,402)
  21. Netherlands (24,390)
  22. Turkey (23,365)
  23. Chile (23,257)
  24. Sweden (21,705)
  25. Hong Kong (21,052)
  26. Philippines (20,085)
  27. Poland (17,827)
  28. Ukraine (16,695)
  29. Colombia (15,641)
  30. Denmark (15,071)
And who are the top Filipinos being followed on Google+ ?  Some early adapters to the social network include Filipino bloggers, directors, photographers and journalists.

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