Philippines Drops to 8th Place On Facebook

From enjoying an impressive 5th place in the worldwide ranking of Facebook users last March 2011, the Philippines drops down 3 notches to 8th place as of Sept. 28, 2011.  
Comparison of Top 10 Countries on Facebook (Jan & Sept. 2011)
Statistics show that the Philippines is not slowing down in the number of new Facebook users.  It's actually the fact that more people from other countries are signing up on Facebook than we are.  India, Mexico and Brazil have each surpassed the Philippines in rank.  While the Philippines gained close to 6 million new Facebook users since the start of 2011, countries like India doubled their Facebook population from 18 million to 36 million users in the same time span.  Mexico gained an additional 10 million users and Brazil, who wasn't even in the top 10 ranks at the start of the year, leaped to 7th place.

With a Philippine internet penetration of close to 30 million users, it may be difficult for the Philippines to regain 5th place which is currently held by United Kingdom with a total Facebook userbase of over 30 million.

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