Philippines Ranks 26th on Google+

According to Paul Allen, an unofficial Google+ statistician, Google+ currently has an estimated 43.4 million users. He also speculates that around a third of those have recently joined the newest social network a few days after Google+ opened itself to the public.

There are no actual details on statistics similar to those from which provide unofficial yet updated detailed country statistics for Facebook. , a discovery engine which has indexed 16,062,724 Google+ users (as of Sept. 28, 2011) has been able to tally statistics on relationship status, gender, education, occupation, followers, country, city and state based on each Google+ users profile.

The indexed 16 million Google+ users is a far cry from the actual 43.4 million Google+ users.  However, it's the  best source for now (aside from Google itself) which provides statistics.

A look at the country ranking reveals that the Philippines is ranked 26th among the most number of Google+ users worldwide. Out of 16+ million registered users, accounts for 20,085 Filipino users on Google+ as of September 28, 2011.  

Here are the top 30 countries listed with their respective userbase totals.
  1. United States (1,054,382)
  2. India (406,934)
  3. United Kingdom (109,234)
  4. Brazil (100,229)
  5. Germany (77,649)
  6. Canada (72,546)
  7. Indonesia (56,221)
  8. France (55,398)
  9. China (53,278)
  10. Spain (52,762)
  11. Italy (52,397)
  12. Mexico (44,655)
  13. Taiwan (44,601)
  14. Russian Federation (44,204)
  15. Japan (38,933)
  16. Australia (38,470)
  17. Thailand (28,206)
  18. Vietnam (27,052)
  19. Argentina (25,946)
  20. Iran (24,402)
  21. Netherlands (24,390)
  22. Turkey (23,365)
  23. Chile (23,257)
  24. Sweden (21,705)
  25. Hong Kong (21,052)
  26. Philippines (20,085)
  27. Poland (17,827)
  28. Ukraine (16,695)
  29. Colombia (15,641)
  30. Denmark (15,071)
And who are the top Filipinos being followed on Google+ ?  Some early adapters to the social network include Filipino bloggers, directors, photographers and journalists.

Philippines Drops to 8th Place On Facebook

From enjoying an impressive 5th place in the worldwide ranking of Facebook users last March 2011, the Philippines drops down 3 notches to 8th place as of Sept. 28, 2011.  
Comparison of Top 10 Countries on Facebook (Jan & Sept. 2011)
Statistics show that the Philippines is not slowing down in the number of new Facebook users.  It's actually the fact that more people from other countries are signing up on Facebook than we are.  India, Mexico and Brazil have each surpassed the Philippines in rank.  While the Philippines gained close to 6 million new Facebook users since the start of 2011, countries like India doubled their Facebook population from 18 million to 36 million users in the same time span.  Mexico gained an additional 10 million users and Brazil, who wasn't even in the top 10 ranks at the start of the year, leaped to 7th place.

With a Philippine internet penetration of close to 30 million users, it may be difficult for the Philippines to regain 5th place which is currently held by United Kingdom with a total Facebook userbase of over 30 million.

Typhoon Twitter Trending Topics (4T)

The top trending topics for the Philippines on Twitter are all geared towards typhoon Pedring.
Twitter Trends as of Sept. 26 1pm
As typhoon Pedring entered the Philippine area of responsibility, more updates and announcements were being posted on Twitter.
Twitter Trends as of Sept. 27 7am

With typhoon Pedring manifesting itself in the form of heavy winds and rains, not only Pedring-related topics were posted but also typhoon-related topics also arose as trending topics.  
Twitter trends as of Sept. 27, 9pm
Previous supertyphoons Milenyo and Ondoy were also mentioned in comparison to typhoon Pedring.

Mentions of Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup Generates Over 30,000 Tweets in 8 Hours

Anticipating Miss Universe topics to be trending worldwide, we started tracking down mentions of Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup on twitter.  We used her name "Shamcey Supsup" as basis for counting the number of mentions it got during an 8 hour period.   The 8 hours started with the live broadcast of the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant and we extended a 6 hour period after the 2 hour show to reflect the overflow of post-pageant discussions and retweets.

The fact that Miss Philippines was included in the Top 16, Top 10 and Top 5 candidates and eventually garnering the 3rd runner-up position got surges of tweets for each announcement.

The result ?  Shamcey Supsup was mentioned in over 30,000 tweets in the 8 hour timespan, with over half of the tweets posted during the pageant proper. Shamcey Supsup also landed its way into the Philippine trending topics on twitter along with other similar keywords and hashtags such as #GoShamcey , #shamceysupsup, runner-up, and candidate .

Congratulations to Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup for making it as far as 3rd runner-up and bringing the pride and recognition again to the Philippines !

Twitter to Go On Overdrive with the Live 2011 Miss Universe Pageant

Expect twitter to be flooded with tweets from most of the countries participating in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant.  Tweets and hashtags related to the pageant like #MissUniverso , #MissUniverse and #MissUniverse2011 are likely to emerge as worldwide trending topics.

In the Philippines, emerging Miss Universe related hashtags are
and several tweets are mentioning  the Philippines' representative to the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant Shamcey Supsup on her twitter account at

We'll be tracking the number of tweets for Shamcey Supsup during the pageant.  

A Twitter Christmas in September

Some people start recognizing Christmas a week before December 25, some at the start of December and some as the last month of the year steadily approaches. But give it up to the Filipinos who are known to have the longest Christmas season span ever which unofficially starts on September as it is referred to as the start of the "BER" months leading up all the way to December and eventually Christmas.

Simple proof of this can be seen on Twitter as one of the trending topics for the Philippines this morning is  "Merry Christmas".

The keyword "Merry Christmas" alone has already been mentioned in over 2,000 tweets since midnight of September 1, 2011 (10 hrs to date as of this post) and is a trending topic only in the Philippines.

Common thoughts among the Christmas-related tweets are on gift-giving, shopping, singing, partying, starting a daily countdown, and the most popular, greeting everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Expect some Christmas countdown tweets and more Christmas mentions henceforth.  Merry Christmas Twitter !

Twitter Infographic Compiles Facts & Figures

Twitter Infographic Compiles Facts & Figures
Just last month, Touch Agency created a Twitter Infographic of interesting stats.  The infographic displays various facts and figures compiled from different sources.  Did you know that there are over 1,650 tweets posted every second ?  Think about how many tweets you missed while sleeping.  Did you ever wonder how much Twitter's worth ?

The result is a compilation of Twitter trivia creatively designed as a informative visual with the numbers highlighting the impact of this social network.  The Free Twitter Infographic is also available in PDF format.

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