Twitter Word Game Targets Manoling Morato

The twittersphere can turn a serious trending topic into a hilarious one.

One of the popular activities on twitter is playing word games.  And because of the 140 character limit, it's both challenging and a quick way of joining and discovering other contributions.

One Twitter word game consists of choosing a popular Trending topic and using that to replace in popular quotes, book and movie titles.   The instruction is in the form of a long hashtag like #replacelastwordofmovietitleswith and add the trending topic.   The trend can instantly go viral once people start adapting the tweet inserting their own suggestions.

In ths case, it's Manoling Morato.  Due to his sudden placement in the trending topics, he's been singled out and given his own hashtag being #replacelastwordofmovietitleswithmanolingmorato .

The result ?  A mix of hilarious to wacky movie title names with Manoling Marato's name in it.  Here are a few of them:

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