SONA Generates Over 17,000 Tweets in Less Than an Hour

The recent State of the Nation Address by Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III delivered to the Congress at Batasan Pambansa generated over 17,000 tweets during his speech.   The total was taken from tweets with the keywords SONA, SONA2011 and Pnoy.  The total computes to around and average of 7 tweets per second in a span of roughly over 40 minutes, excluding other tweets related to SONA not using any of the mentioned keywords.

The huge volume of tweets continues as a spill over after the SONA as thousands more tweets are being posted.   Most of the tweets are quotes from the SONA and personal opinion/discussion about each quote.

As a result, Pnoy , President Aquino and SONA2011 broke out as Worldwide Twitter trending topics.

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