GMA News & Public Affairs Releases Public Message for Responsible use of Social Media

With the popularity of social networks, people have jumped into the bandwagon of Social Media not only getting both feet wet but their entire bodies too embracing it like an extension of their life.  As much as there are many underlying benefits to social media, there are also caveats and pitfalls to it that can do harm if not used properly.

With that in mind, GMA News & Public Affairs have released a Campaign for Responsible use of Social Media entitled "Think Before You Click" explaining in the simplest of terms that it can be beneficial and useful if used in the proper way and reminding the viewers of simple do's and don'ts when using social media.

GMA uses a couple of talents such as Maxene Magalona, Moymoy Palaboy, Ramon Bautista and Iza Calzado paired with other social media personalities such as Gang Badoy and Carlos Celdran.

Their efforts should be commended for informing the public of good manners and right conduct on Social Media.

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