SONA Generates Over 17,000 Tweets in Less Than an Hour

The recent State of the Nation Address by Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III delivered to the Congress at Batasan Pambansa generated over 17,000 tweets during his speech.   The total was taken from tweets with the keywords SONA, SONA2011 and Pnoy.  The total computes to around and average of 7 tweets per second in a span of roughly over 40 minutes, excluding other tweets related to SONA not using any of the mentioned keywords.

The huge volume of tweets continues as a spill over after the SONA as thousands more tweets are being posted.   Most of the tweets are quotes from the SONA and personal opinion/discussion about each quote.

As a result, Pnoy , President Aquino and SONA2011 broke out as Worldwide Twitter trending topics.

State of the Nation Address Trends on Twitter; Pnoy Trends on Worldwide Topics

As the State Of the Nation Address (SONA) is set to be delivered by Philippine President Benigno. Aquino. III, twitter is also set to be on a hyperactive status as the Philippines watches this important event.   Currently trending topics for the Philippines are the keywords #SONA2011 , #SONA , and #Batasan , the venue of the State of the Nation Address.  The keyword "Pnoy" also currently brokeout as one of the worldwide trending topics.
Other keywords and topics associated with the SONA are
  • GMA, arroyo (former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is attending)
  • ancalerts (news network cdovering the SONA)
  • commonwealth (avenue where Batasan Pambansa is located)

Twitter Word Game Targets Manoling Morato

The twittersphere can turn a serious trending topic into a hilarious one.

One of the popular activities on twitter is playing word games.  And because of the 140 character limit, it's both challenging and a quick way of joining and discovering other contributions.

One Twitter word game consists of choosing a popular Trending topic and using that to replace in popular quotes, book and movie titles.   The instruction is in the form of a long hashtag like #replacelastwordofmovietitleswith and add the trending topic.   The trend can instantly go viral once people start adapting the tweet inserting their own suggestions.

In ths case, it's Manoling Morato.  Due to his sudden placement in the trending topics, he's been singled out and given his own hashtag being #replacelastwordofmovietitleswithmanolingmorato .

The result ?  A mix of hilarious to wacky movie title names with Manoling Marato's name in it.  Here are a few of them:

GMA News & Public Affairs Releases Public Message for Responsible use of Social Media

With the popularity of social networks, people have jumped into the bandwagon of Social Media not only getting both feet wet but their entire bodies too embracing it like an extension of their life.  As much as there are many underlying benefits to social media, there are also caveats and pitfalls to it that can do harm if not used properly.

With that in mind, GMA News & Public Affairs have released a Campaign for Responsible use of Social Media entitled "Think Before You Click" explaining in the simplest of terms that it can be beneficial and useful if used in the proper way and reminding the viewers of simple do's and don'ts when using social media.

GMA uses a couple of talents such as Maxene Magalona, Moymoy Palaboy, Ramon Bautista and Iza Calzado paired with other social media personalities such as Gang Badoy and Carlos Celdran.

Their efforts should be commended for informing the public of good manners and right conduct on Social Media.

Trending Topics in Pasig City (for the week July 7 - 14, 2011)

Trending Topics in Pasig City (for the week July 7 - 14, 2011)
The most popular hashtags on Twitter in Pasig City for the past 7 days are mainly based on the ABS-CBN shows, Banana Split (#bananasplit), Gandang Gabi Vice (#gandanggabivice) and Pilipinas Got Talent (#pgt).

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