Filipino Celebrities and Personalities 1st Tweets

Since twitter's popularity in the Philippines exploded as a fun and easy social networking tool, everybody has jumped into the Twitter bandwagon.  And as international personalities such as Ashton Kutcher, Lady Gaga, Oprah, David Archuleta, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen have gained additional fame on Twitter on top of their existing celebrity status, the Philippines has its own share of Twitter celebrities.   

Ever wonder though what's the very first thing they tweeted when they just joined Twitter ?   Some said hello, some supplied proof it really is them, some admitted they were still trying to figure out what Twitter is and how it works and some simply answered the question "What's happening ?" 

Here are some 1st tweets by some famouse Philippine celebrities and personalities.

Agot Isidro,  Pinky Webb, Gary V. and Phoemela Baranda greeted everybody in their 1st tweet.
Lea Salonga, Marc Nelson, Donita Rose, Vicki Belo and Tessa Prieto Valdez reveal they're trying Twitter for the 1st time.
Lorna Tolentino who just started tweeting over a month ago greeted her 14 followers. 
(5 weeks later, she gained close to 20,000 followers).

Gelli de Belen admits she's confused with Twitter.
Jay R and Coney Reyes posted some announcements as their preliminary Tweet.

Kris Aquino supplied proof that it's really her tweeting.

Anabelle Rama, true to her character, posted this as her first tweet on her second twitter account after her first one was hacked.
Richard Gomez and Ely Buendia didn't mind posting some wishful thinking thoughts.
Truly you can say anything on your mind on Twitter and Filipino personalities have done just that. The daily bulk of posts, mentions, replies and retweets have generated a lot of Twitter traffic adding to the tremendous user content on the social network placing the Philippines among the top countries using Twitter.

Do you remember any 1st tweets by your favorite Philippine celebrities and personalities ?

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