How Huge is Facebook in the Philippines ?

The Philippines currently has a Facebook global market share of 3.63%.   It doesn't sound very spectacular.  But when you translate those percentages into actual figures, you'd be surprised that it translates to 22.8 Million Filipino Facebook users, landing the country conveniently in the 5th spot among the Top 10 countries with the biggest Facebook population.  And every 2 weeks, add somewhere around half a million more new Filipino users to that.

To paint a brighter picture, the Philippines has an internet population of 30 Million as of March 2011.   That's like every 3 out of 4 Filipino internet users have a Facebook account.  Citing Facebook as the top social media site in the Philippines is an understatement.   Facebook dominates social media in the country with an astonishing  87% popularity as the preferred social media network.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Social Media Market Share

Facebook isn't limited to online popularity.   Tri-media also recognizes the potential reach of Facebook as print, radio and television all promote their respective Facebook pages on their respective mediums.  Not only  do TV and radio stations have their own Facebook pages, but almost every single TV and radio show in their programming line-up have their own Facebook presence and online communities.  In addition, just about any kind of local community can be found on Facebook:  schools, organizations, companies, websites.  Even ideologies, common interests, political parties, or just about any concept can be virtually formed and instantly talked about on Facebook.

Rarely would you find promotional materials like tarpaulins, billboards and posters without a Facebook address attached to it.   Some companies would even choose to promote their Facebook account over their official website.  It may sound ironic to promote another site over your own, but the key is really getting the most number of people to read your message.  And considering the potential 630 million users on Facebook breaking any geographical barrier,  it's very much worth it.

With the potential of the Philippines this 2011 climbing the ranks to the 3rd biggest Facebook population ever is proof enough how a small country in size can be as huge as it can be on Facebook.

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