Another Half a Million Filipinos Join Facebook


Since January 25, 2011, another 557,060 Filipinos joined Facebook bringing the country total to 22,316,340 Filipinos, a 3.68% global share on the giant social network.   The female to male percentage is 52.1% is to 47.9% with 11.5 million females registered.   The 18 - 24 age brackets still remains the top age segment with 8,665,500 users.

The Philippines is just a little bit over 3 million users away from gaining the 4th spot from Turkey as the largest Facebook population.  With the current rate we're going, we just might reach that before May 2011.
10 Largest Countries (as of Feb. 1, 2011)
1. United States      148,867,700
2. Indonesia      34,498,920
3. United Kingdom      28,041,780
4. Turkey      25,420,400
5. Philippines      22,316,340
6. France      20,540,560
7. India      20,475,220
8. Mexico      20,221,700
9. Italy      17,997,800
10. Canada      16,841,560

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