As Facebook Hits 600 Million Users, Philippines Gains 6.2M Users in Last 6 Months

Facebook surpasses another record as it reaches 600 million users.  It was just less than 6 months ago when Facebook reached the 500 million user level and it is now enjoying an additional 100 million users.

Source: (Jan. 24, 2011)

The Philippines plays a part of that milestone as the country is ranked 5th in terms of countries with the most Facebook users and enjying a 3.63% global share of the Facebook population.   The Philippines currently has 21,759,280 Facebook users and is the 4th top gainer within the past 6 months contributing an additional 6.2 million Filipinos to the biggest social network.

While Philippines is in 5th place among countries with the most Facebook users, it is less than 4 million users away from outranking Turkey currently at 4th place.

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December 13, 2011 delete

What can I say? Facebook is really popular in South East Asia. People there love facebook.
seo north east


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