Bus Bombing in Makati Incident Becomes Trending Topic on Twitter

Source: trendsmap.com Jan 25, 2011 4:15pm
The recent bomb explosion inside a bus along Buendia in Makati City causes more than the average activity on Twitter as people share and talk about the incident.
Twitter trends for Makati City as of January 25, 2011 4:15pm are
  • Buendia, edsa-buendia, northbound, ayala - general location of the bus incident
  • @ancalerts , @mmda,  #mmda,  @abscbnnews - twitter accounts of those relaying news updates
  • newman, goldliner - The bus liner in the bombing incident
  • Mckinley, indefinitely - rerouting suggestions for motorists as EDSA from Ayala to Buendia will be indefinitely closed.
EDSA is also a trending topic as seen on the frontpage of Twitter.

As Facebook Hits 600 Million Users, Philippines Gains 6.2M Users in Last 6 Months

Facebook surpasses another record as it reaches 600 million users.  It was just less than 6 months ago when Facebook reached the 500 million user level and it is now enjoying an additional 100 million users.

Source: socialbakers.com (Jan. 24, 2011)

The Philippines plays a part of that milestone as the country is ranked 5th in terms of countries with the most Facebook users and enjying a 3.63% global share of the Facebook population.   The Philippines currently has 21,759,280 Facebook users and is the 4th top gainer within the past 6 months contributing an additional 6.2 million Filipinos to the biggest social network.

While Philippines is in 5th place among countries with the most Facebook users, it is less than 4 million users away from outranking Turkey currently at 4th place.

References:  socialbakers.com & checkfacebook.com

Philippines Overtakes France for 5th Biggest Facebook Population

www.checkfacebook.com Jan 10, 2011
The Philippines now has the 5th largest population on Facebook with 20,802,540 users registered, garnering a global audience share of 3.55% on the largest social network.

Just last December 2010, the Philippines was in 6th position with France with a million user lead.  But as 2011 ushered in, the Philippines surpassed the 20 million mark and moved in to 5th place ousting France from its spot.

10 Largest Countries
1.United States      146,591,880
2.Indonesia      33,920,020
3.United Kingdom      27,545,920
4.Turkey      24,788,400
5.Philippines      20,802,540
6.France      20,271,860
7.Mexico      18,830,960
8.India      18,818,720
9.Italy      17,753,040
10.Canada      16,636,880
There are almost a million more Filipino females than males on Facebook with over 10.8 million females and 9.8 million males.   The largest age bracket is still the 18-24 bracket with 8.2 million users.  Interestingly, there are now over 200,000 Filipino senior citizens on Facebook, who probably have discovered the joy of communicating with their children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren.

Based on the Facebook social metric site, checkfacebook.com, the Philippines is now 4 million users away from gaining 4th place which currently belongs to Turkey.  Based on the quick incrementing trend, this may likely happen within the 2nd quarter of 2011.

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