Third of a Million More Pinoys Sign Up On Facebook

As of December 15, 2010, the number of Facebook users from the Philippines increased from last week's 18,901,900 to 19,227,280, a 325,380 increase in a span of 8 days.   The increase still puts the Philippines at rank 6 in terms of Facebook users per country worldwide but increases the total Facebook audience share to 3.35%. 

10 Largest Countries
1. United States      146,983,800
2. Indonesia      31,784,080
3. United Kingdom      28,665,360
4. Turkey      24,366,580
5. France      20,469,420
6. Philippines      19,227,280
7. Mexico      18,243,080
8. Italy      17,872,960
9. Canada      17,522,780
10. India      16,915,900
For the month of November, the Philippines ranked 7th in terms of  top growing countries on Facebook with an additional 777,680 users who signed up on the social network.

The Philippines is less than a million users away from outranking France for the 5th spot.

The 18-24 age brackets still dominates the Filipino Facebook population with 7,924,640 or 41.2%.  Teenagers are a growing population on Facebook with 3,660,520 comprising the 14-17 age bracket.

52.1% of the Philippine Facebook population are females, with 795,760 more than males.

Stats are based on and

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