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It's very easy to create a Facebook account and Facebook page.  That's why celebrity and personality pages have to be confirmed whether it's the "Official Page" or not.

Checking out Jose Rizal on Facebook, and you'd end up with lots of Jose Rizal search results. 
Here's one Jose Rizal page with 27,554 likes.  I guess this is what his page would look like if he were alive and on Facebook.

one of the many Jose Rizal pages on Facebook
With all of his writings and published books, Rizal would've been a great blogger and social media user.  Happy Rizal Day !

Note: The Twitter hashtag for Rizal from now til his 150th birth anniversary on June 19, 2011 is #Rizal150.

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January 01, 2011 delete

I agree, Rizal might be a great blogger, but I think someone might take the title "national hero" earlier than him.

June 18, 2012 delete

As of June 18, 2012, there are over 80K likes on this page.


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