Top Facebook Company Brands in the Philippines

As much as personal profiles are a big hit on Facebook, so are Facebook Pages. Anything and everything from topics to items to celebrities to companies now have a chunk of territory on Facebook.  And just what are the top 5 brands in the Philippines.

Based on, the 5 brands in the Philippines with the most Facebook followers are

  1. Starbucks Philippines.  -  Starbucks is popular even without Facebook.   But add Starbucks with a humungous Filipino Facebook population and have a match made in coffee heaven.  Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page provides an extension of the cafe experience.   With a current total of 502,374 Facebook followers,  their facebook page takes the number 1 spot in the Philippine brands caetgory and rank 4,868 among all the Facebook pages worldwide.  Their pages are so popular they get an average of close to 4,000 new followers a day.  That's like 1 new Facebook follower every hour per branch nationwide.  And in the past 6 months, they've added almost 100,000 new followers.  
  2. 7-Eleven Philippines - What other store has just about a branch around almost every corner ?  7-Eleven !  They're a far 2nd place to Starbucks' followers with a current total of 36,471 followers.  But with their agressive online campaigns and use of social media, they well deserve to be in the top Facebook Philippine Brands.   They use their pages to post current contests, promos, winners and other announcements.   
  3. MASARAP UMINOM. kung ang iniinum mo e gatas.. AT ANG PULUTAN ay OREO! :)) - It doesn't seem like it's an official page as there are no links to Oreo or any milk product.  It's just pure admiration for this food combination.   May be it was created simply to create awareness or find people who have the same craving.   Whatever it is, they must have done something right cause they're in 3rd place with over 23,000 followers.  The endless thread consists of people telling their own stories on milk and oreos and some off topic posts which eventually go back to the original topic.  And the page gets at least 100 new followers everyday. 
  4. HP Philippines - As the milk & Oreo page is filled with user generated content, HP Philippines on the other hand is filled with updated on HP products and services by HP themselves.  Currently consisting of 3,486 followers and categorized under Technology, this page shares a lot of multimedia content to its followers.  If every Filipino on facebook who had an HP product followed their page, they'd have much much more followers.
  5. Marks & Spencer Philippines - The elite brand's facebook page currently has 1,634 followers and is classified under "Fashion" brand.  Their page receives an average of 22 new followers a day. Discussions posted on the page are mostly about their wide range of items, from clothing & foods to health and beauty products.  Followers tell what products they like and why.
The pages included in the top 5 were

For updated and detailed stats on the top 5 above, click on these links:

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