Over Half a Million Filipino New Facebook Signups Within 20 Days

In a span of 20 days, Filipinos are accountable to an additional 643,820 new signups on Facebook making the total number of Filipinos on Facebook grow to 18,768,040 users.    Last November 4, 2010, the total number of Filipino users on Facebook was at 18,124,220.   The new total though still places the Philippines as Rank 6 in the top 10 countries with the largest number of Facebook users.  Based on the latest statistics from checkfacebook.com, the percentage of Filipinos using the top social network grew from 3.31% to 3.33% of the total Facebook population of 564,121,840.
10 Largest Countries
1. United States      145,331,600
2. Indonesia      31,425,840
3. United Kingdom      28,770,560
4. Turkey      23,823,200
5. France      20,307,260
6. Philippines      18,768,040
7. Mexico      17,821,820
8. Italy      17,615,900
9. Canada      17,414,640
10. India      16,509,680

As of Nov. 24, 2010 Philippine time
For the Philippines, there are 9.7 million females on Facebook with a 52.4% userbase and 8.88 million males accouting a 47.6% userbase.
The 18 - 24 age bracket dominates the Facebook scene with 7,737,840 users followed by the 25-24 age bracket with 4,332,960 (23.1%) and in 3rd place are the 14-17 teenagers with a userbase of 3.5 million users.  Those stats indicate that over 83% of the entire Philippine Facebook population are within the 14 - 34 age bracket. 

Always interesting to note is the 65+ age bracket with 175,980 users.

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