Filipino Facebook Users Jump To Over 18 Million

In a span of 1 week (from October 29 to November 4, 2010), Facebook gained an additional 181,880 Filipino users making the total Filipino Facebook userbase pass the 18 million mark for a current total of 18,124,220, a 3.31% share of the total number of Facebook users worldwide. as of Nov. 4, 2010 reports that Philippines is now in the 6th spot among the top countries using Facebook.  Having recently beaten Italy for the 6th spot, the Philippines is only 1.5 million users away from claiming the 5th spot currently being held by France.

There are still more Filipino females than males registered on the largest social network site.  41.3% of the total Filipino Facebook population lie within the 18-24 age bracket followed by 23.1% in the 25-34 age bracket and interestingly, 233,160 users are within ages 55-64.

10 Largest Countries
1. United States      143,583,400
2. Indonesia      29,844,240
3. United Kingdom      28,413,560
4. Turkey      23,313,440
5. France      19,677,640
6. Philippines      18,124,220
7. Italy      17,334,140
8. Canada      17,207,140
9. Mexico      16,976,340
10. India      15,299,080

There may be a possible surge of new users now especially with the showing of the movie "The Social Network" which depicts the story of Facebook from its early beginnings and how it evolved and emerged to be the leading social network today.

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