Typhoon Juan Has Its Own Facebook Page

With the advent of Social Media, Typhoon Juan (International Name: Megi) now has its own Facebook page.

To date, Typhoon Juan Facebook page has 158 followers.  It's facebook page description says: "This page will provide updates on Super Typhoon Juan as it threatens the Philippines, particularly northern Luzon. This also serves as a venue for affected individuals and communities to report on the condition in their area. "

Aside from the typhoon's location, the messages posted also include updates on flight schedule cancellations, class suspensions, power outages and storm signals.  The messages cite different sources such as DZMM (radio), PAL (airline), PAGASA-DOST (govt) , PIA (govt), MERALCO (electricity) and GMA (news) to name a few.

It's a good thing the messages aren't posted in the 1st person narrative.  It would be erie if a typhoon was speaking to you personally, and much so, "like" you.

The Facebook URL for Typhoon Juan is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Typhoon-Juan/165827740110680

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