Starting a Twitter Trend: #undaspickuplines

On twitter, it only takes one person to think of an idea hoping to get picked up by other twitter friends.  Post your topic and criteria, create a hashtag and associate it with your tweet.  What people need to be aware of is that there's no guarantee it would click.

One of the most recent popular ideas that got picked up by lots of twitter users was #sentisabado , where each Saturday, people would tweet a personal experience reminiscent of their past based on the topic chosen for that week.  It has been talked about on twitter and has given online limelight to the creator of #sentisabado, blogger and social media practitioner Tonyo Cruz.

Few days til November 1 and we find a hashtag related to that: #undaspickuplines.  There's only 1 post so far by Jeff Tagle that reads:
Dalawin mo naman ako, patay ako eh... Patay na patay sa'yo. #undaspickuplines
The tweet has just been posted few minutes ago but has been retweeted several times already.  Let's see if this idea picks up.

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