Juanvote For Barangay Elections

Juanvote is alive and in full effect today for the 2010 Sangguniang Kabataan & Barangay Elections. Juanvote is the online social persona of the Filipino voting public.  

Its tagline "Pinoy Netizens For Free & Honest Elections" at http://juanvote.com/ is a one-pager site containing a twitter stream of tweets with the #juanvote hashtag and a live stream video feed from Global Destiny's GNN.  #juanvote is a collaborative project of 100Araw, BlogWatch, Global Destiny Cable, GameOPS, VoteReportPH,  RockEd, POC, Cebu Bloggers Society, Code Radio, We Watch, Kodao Productions, TXTPower, Tech Tanod, Reklamotion.

Trendsmap.com 10-25-2010 9:30am

The Official twitter account of Juanvote, http://twitter.com/JuanVote encourages people to tweet about their experiences in voting. Because of this, the hashtag #juanvote is becoming a trending topic today in the Philippines.

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