4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit

The 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit will be held at the Garden Orchid Hotel in Zamboanga on October 30, 2010.  This year's theme is dubbed "The Mindanao Project: Weaving Voices Online."  This year’s summit aims to create a venue for Mindanaoan bloggers, discuss issues affecting them and formulate strategies to help reach their common goal of creating a brighter Mindanao.

Some topics to be presented this year are blogging for education, marketing blogs through social networking sites, promoting social change through video blogs and Blogger's new features to name a few. Regional bloggers will also give reports of their online communities. The entire list of speakers and topics can be seen here.

The previous Mindanao Bloggers Summit were held in Cagayan de Oro in 2009, General Santos City in 2008 and in Davao City in 2007.

For more information, visit http://www.mindanaobloggers.com/

Starting a Twitter Trend: #undaspickuplines

On twitter, it only takes one person to think of an idea hoping to get picked up by other twitter friends.  Post your topic and criteria, create a hashtag and associate it with your tweet.  What people need to be aware of is that there's no guarantee it would click.

One of the most recent popular ideas that got picked up by lots of twitter users was #sentisabado , where each Saturday, people would tweet a personal experience reminiscent of their past based on the topic chosen for that week.  It has been talked about on twitter and has given online limelight to the creator of #sentisabado, blogger and social media practitioner Tonyo Cruz.

Few days til November 1 and we find a hashtag related to that: #undaspickuplines.  There's only 1 post so far by Jeff Tagle that reads:
Dalawin mo naman ako, patay ako eh... Patay na patay sa'yo. #undaspickuplines
The tweet has just been posted few minutes ago but has been retweeted several times already.  Let's see if this idea picks up.

Philippines Moves Up To Rank 6 On Facebook

Based on checkfacebook.com, the Philippines moves up 2 notches to Rank 6 as the country with the most number of facebook users.   Last week, the Philippines ranked 8th with 16,800,860 users registered with Facebook.

This week, the Philippines beat Canada and Italy to gain the 6th spot currently with 17,620,720 registered users giving the country a 3.27% global audience share on Facebook.

Gender distribution reveals that there are more Filipino Facebook female users than male.   Females constitute 52.5% totalling to 9,193,640 users while males constitute 47.5%  or 8,332,200 of the total Philippine Facebook population.

The age bracket with the biggest population is 18-24 with  7,284,920, 41% of the total Filipino Facebook population.  It's also interesting to note that there are 157,780 Filipino Facebook users over the age of 65.   Thanks to the likes of the Lola Techie campaign of Bayantel for possibly encouraging more lolos and lolas to use Facebook.

The top 10 countries on Facebook are:
10 Largest Countries
1. United States      142,631,260
2. Indonesia      29,363,800
3. United Kingdom      28,038,000
4. Turkey      23,036,280
5. France      19,592,080
6. Philippines      17,620,720
7. Italy      17,241,780
8. Canada      16,980,140
9. Mexico      16,630,320
10. India      14,852,060

Juanvote For Barangay Elections

Juanvote is alive and in full effect today for the 2010 Sangguniang Kabataan & Barangay Elections. Juanvote is the online social persona of the Filipino voting public.  

Its tagline "Pinoy Netizens For Free & Honest Elections" at http://juanvote.com/ is a one-pager site containing a twitter stream of tweets with the #juanvote hashtag and a live stream video feed from Global Destiny's GNN.  #juanvote is a collaborative project of 100Araw, BlogWatch, Global Destiny Cable, GameOPS, VoteReportPH,  RockEd, POC, Cebu Bloggers Society, Code Radio, We Watch, Kodao Productions, TXTPower, Tech Tanod, Reklamotion.

Trendsmap.com 10-25-2010 9:30am

The Official twitter account of Juanvote, http://twitter.com/JuanVote encourages people to tweet about their experiences in voting. Because of this, the hashtag #juanvote is becoming a trending topic today in the Philippines.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Creates Twitter Account

Shortly aftert PAGASA announced their newly created Twitter account, the Armed Forces of the Philippines also now jumps on the Social Media bandwagon.  Their official Twitter username TeamAFP can be accessed at http://twitter.com/teamAFP.  

Created last October 20, 2010, they have so far posted 7 tweets and currently have 241 followers.
To make their online presence more known, they tweeted to @govph and @dost_pagasa asking to promote them to their followers too. 

Looks like local government offices are slowly adapting to use the power of social media as a quick  and easy broadcasting and communication tool.

Trending Twitter Keywords in Cebu : 66th Anniversary of Leyte Gulf Landing

Aside from the typhoon-related keywords, the trending Twitter keywords in Cebu City today are palo, #leyte, 66th, douglas and macarthur

All of these words are related to the 66th anniversary celebration of the Leyte Gulf Landings which were led by General Douglas MacArthur in October 20, 1944.  His awaited return was his promise to the Filipinos after uttering the words "I shall return" in Corregidor in March 1942.

What's interesting is that these tweets originate more in Cebu than in Leyte.

Typhoon Juan-related Trending Topics

Source: http://trendsmap.com/ (Oct. 19, 2010 11:30am)
Trending keywords for the morning of October 19, 2010 in NCR:  preschool, elem, suspended, suspension, ched, rotating, brownout, rainy, typhoon, @deped_ph, @govph

Most tweets are related to the suspension of classes due to typhoon Juan.

Typhoon Juan Has Its Own Facebook Page

With the advent of Social Media, Typhoon Juan (International Name: Megi) now has its own Facebook page.

To date, Typhoon Juan Facebook page has 158 followers.  It's facebook page description says: "This page will provide updates on Super Typhoon Juan as it threatens the Philippines, particularly northern Luzon. This also serves as a venue for affected individuals and communities to report on the condition in their area. "

Aside from the typhoon's location, the messages posted also include updates on flight schedule cancellations, class suspensions, power outages and storm signals.  The messages cite different sources such as DZMM (radio), PAL (airline), PAGASA-DOST (govt) , PIA (govt), MERALCO (electricity) and GMA (news) to name a few.

It's a good thing the messages aren't posted in the 1st person narrative.  It would be erie if a typhoon was speaking to you personally, and much so, "like" you.

The Facebook URL for Typhoon Juan is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Typhoon-Juan/165827740110680

Typhoon Talk on Twitter

From the keywords picked up on local twitter trends (courtesy of trendsmap.com), the keywords typhoon followed by the areas Isabela, Tuguegarao and Cagayan pinpoint affected areas of typoon Megi/Juan.  

Other twitter keywords relative to the typhoon are "ulan", "pagasa" and @kuyakim_atienza who is also associated with announcing weather forecasts and updates.  Kim Atienza, an active twitter user is currently providing typhoon updates in his timeline.  The current popular hashtags for this typhoon are #Typhoon #MEGI & #Juan

Super typhoon Megi is recorded as the 4th strongest typhoon to hit the planet packing maximum wind of 225 kilometers per hour (140 mph) and gustiness of as much as 260 kilometers per hour.

PAGASA Creates Twitter Account For Typhoon Updates

As tropical storm "Megi" is set to hit the Philippines within the next few days, Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) is increasing its online reach by adding Twitter to announcing their storm updates.

PAGASA created their new account on twitter with the username @dost_pagasa.  A few hours after creating their twitter account, they now have close to 1,500 followers and rising.

PAGASA usually releases weather bulletins every 6 hours but mentioned that for twitter, they intend to post hourly updates.  In addition to Twitter, PAGASA posts weather bulletins can be accessed on their official website and via SMS.

You can follow PAGASA on twitter at http://twitter.com/dost_pagasa

Twitter As Weather Reporter

Oct. 14, 2010 10:00am screenshot from trendsmap.com
One of the things that people tweet is the weather.  There's nothing more real-time than saying how's the weather.   And in the Philippines where weather conditions could be of the extremes, people like to relay the info and some do so using Twitter.

Based on Trendsmap.com , an online service that shows real-time local trends, some popular tweet keywords for Manila and the Metro are "gloomy" and "rainy".

When the weather is really hot and humid, chances are they'll wind up on your timeline as well.

Facebook Gets Over 300,000 New Filipino Users

Facebook Gets Over 300,000 New Filipino Users
Based on http://www.checkfacebook.com/, the number of facebook users from the Philippines increased by 307,980.   Last October 5, the cited number of Philippine Facebook users was at 16,492,880 and jumped to 16,800,860 on October 8.  

Even though the facebook population percentage of Filipinos dropped from 3.22% to 3.19%, the Philippines still remains as the 8th country with the largest population of Facebook users.

The addition of users may not necessarily be new registrations as existing users may have updated their basic info to reflect "Philippines" as their location.

For Facebook population updates, visit http://www.checkfacebook.com/

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