Venus Raj Predicted As Miss Universe on a Youtube Video

If you search youtube for "Miss Universe 2010", you'll be surprised to see several videos by users even if the actual pageant coronation night is still a day away.

Users have been using Social Media to voice out their top country picks.  This along with users in discussions on the various social networks generate a huge amount of content even if coronation night hasn't commenced yet.   The example below is a video by user venemiami who acts like a pre-pageant host counting down his personal top 15 picks.

And guess what ?  He chooses no other than Miss Philippines, Venus Raj as his top pick.

Incidentally, Venus Raj's comment on Facebook cited that she has been chosen among the top 15 candidates.   A leak like this can easily spread word especially on a social networking site like Facebook as users can easily share this with friends.

Don't fail to watch the Miss Universe Pageant live at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada on August 23, 2010 as Venus Raj will be wearing the Philippine Sash as her national costume.

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