Jose Rizal On Facebook

It's very easy to create a Facebook account and Facebook page.  That's why celebrity and personality pages have to be confirmed whether it's the "Official Page" or not.

Checking out Jose Rizal on Facebook, and you'd end up with lots of Jose Rizal search results. 
Here's one Jose Rizal page with 27,554 likes.  I guess this is what his page would look like if he were alive and on Facebook.

one of the many Jose Rizal pages on Facebook
With all of his writings and published books, Rizal would've been a great blogger and social media user.  Happy Rizal Day !

Note: The Twitter hashtag for Rizal from now til his 150th birth anniversary on June 19, 2011 is #Rizal150.

Facebook Page Ousted from Top Page On Facebook Again

Recently, the official Facebook page on Facebook finally gained the top position in the Facebook page rankings with over 30 million followers.  It's top rank though was short-lived as it was ousted again by the number 1 page on Facebook: Texas Hold'em Poker, with 31,352,713 fans and close to 100,000 new fans daily.

Twitter Trends in Manila for Christmas Day

All keywords and hashtags lead to Christmas as Pinoys on Twitter are all greeting each other a Merry Christmas.
Trending Twitter keywords in Manila for Dec. 25, 2010 9:00am PH time
Trending keywords / phrases:

Merry Christmas to all from !

Merry Christmas From The Post Office to Facebook

Merry Christmas From The Post Office to Facebook
In the '80's and 90's, Filipinos usually would received greeting cards from their friends and loved ones through the mail.  At the turn of the century, it became a combination of e-cards via e-mail and SMS messages.   For a number of years, people would send a generic Christmas greeting to all their contacts on their phone.   Of course each text would cost at least P1.00.   The cheaper way was through e-cards but you'd have to know and input the recipients' e-mail address and type or paste it in each form.

Fast forward to the present day and age of social media.   You'll still get a couple of SMS greetings most likely from those you haven't heard from in a while and you may even get lucky and receive one or two Christmas cards in the mail.   What you do find yourself receiving much more are Christmas greetings on Facebook or twitter than any other means. Why ?

Probably because you have more Facebook friends than your contact list.   Probably because it's so much easier to keep in touch nowadays via Facebook.  Probably because your contacts may check their Facebook 1st even before their e-mail (or they use the Facebook messaging system as their e-mail). Probably because it's easy to send a virtual Christmas gift on one of those Facebook Christmas apps. Probably because practically everybody is on Facebook.  Probably because it's easy, convenient and free.  Probably one or all of these reasons have compelled you to use Facebook as the medium to express your Holiday greets.

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for certain:  social media has changed the way we greet our friends and relatives.   Social media not only provides us with an alternate avenue for communication but a very convenient one in a fun environment at that.   Now that's a Merry Christmas worth poking for.

Southern Mindanao Bloggers Holds BlogFest SoCCSKSarGen 2010

Southern Mindanao Bloggers Holds BlogFest SoCCSKSarGen 2010

The SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers successfully held the first-ever BlogFest SoCCSKSarGen last 11 December at the Grand Royale Ballroom of the East Asia Royale Hotel, General Santos City. It is the largest gathering of bloggers in Mindanao this year.

More popularly known as the Sox Bloggers, the group is composed of more than 200 bloggers and new media enthusiasts who have bonded together for the common advocacy of projecting South Central Mindanao in a more positive light through their blogs.

For the past three years, their blogs have increasingly influenced other people’s perceptions about the region and have won in different blog award bodies such as the Philippine Blog Awards and Digital Filipino’s Emerging Influential Blogs Search.

BlogFest SoCCSKSarGen 2010, aimed at enhancing the blogging capabilities of its members and increasing their passion for its advocacy, featured several web luminaries who gave talks on different topics.

The speakers are: University of the Philippines Journalism Professor Danilo A. Arao (Journalism Ethics for Bloggers), Google Inc. Philippine consultant Aileen Apolo-de Jesus (Making the most of the Internet and Google), Zamboanga blogger and IT consultant Ryann Z. Elumba (Spicing Up Blogs With Animation and Video), Head for New Media for the Presidential Communications Operations Office of Pres. Benigno Aquino Jay Jaboneta (The Role of New Media in Nation-building), with Avatar Media and Davao blogger Maria Jose (State of the Philippine Blogosphere).

They were joined by Web Developer and ENoa Corp. Online Marketing strategist Dale Palileo (SEO and Traffic Generation and Monetizing your Blog), Tactical Technology Collective member Bobby Soriano (Internet Security for Bloggers), REACH Networks Country Account Manager and Travel agency operator Michelle Lopez Solon (Exposing Local Gems on New Media), and E-commerce consultant/trainor and author Janette Toral (New Media and its Role in Businesses).

Atty. Jong Gonzales, City Administrator of General Santos, subbing for Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio delivered the first keynote speech entitled “Effecting Change through Blogging” in the morning., Later in the afternoon, South Cotabato and General Santos’ Representative Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.  talked about the “New Media’s Role in Defining the Legislative Agenda”.

A total of 119 delegates from all over Mindanao attended the BlogFest. The Sox Bloggers’ lead convenor, Avel Manansala, reported that some bloggers from the Visayas and Luzon have also participated.

After the last of the talks, Janette Toral, the lead organizer of the search for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs awarded three of the Mindanao bloggers who made it to the list of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010 – Orman Manansala (Ganda Ever So Much), Brendel Balaga (Get Prettified) and Maria Jose (Kusina Maria).

In the end, the Sox Bloggers and their counterparts from other areas have solidified their aim to continue with their advocacy to present a more balanced view of the region in particular and Mindanao in general and with all the new learning tools presented to them at the Blogfest, they will be more than equipped and up to the challenges posed before them in achieving their goals.

The event was sponsored by East Asia Royale Hotel, Sagittarius Mines, Inc. as its Platinum Sponsors. The Gold Sponsors are Smart Communications, Inc., the office of South Cotabato Rep. Pedro B. Acharon, Jr., Gaisano Mall of Gensan, and Dolores Hotels & Resorts. The Silver Sponsors are STI College Gen. Santos, Opera Software ASA, and Robinsons Place GenSan. The Bronze Sponsors of the event are Geiser Maclang Communications, Montage Digital Photography, Inc., PCWORX General Santos, Royale Iris Studio Productions, OMF Literature, Gensan News Online Mag, Ganda Ever So Much, Alexis Chua, South Cotabato Tambayan, Go Sarangani! Travel and the office of Councilor Margareth Rose N. Santos.

Third of a Million More Pinoys Sign Up On Facebook

Third of a Million More Pinoys Sign Up On Facebook
As of December 15, 2010, the number of Facebook users from the Philippines increased from last week's 18,901,900 to 19,227,280, a 325,380 increase in a span of 8 days.   The increase still puts the Philippines at rank 6 in terms of Facebook users per country worldwide but increases the total Facebook audience share to 3.35%. 

10 Largest Countries
1. United States      146,983,800
2. Indonesia      31,784,080
3. United Kingdom      28,665,360
4. Turkey      24,366,580
5. France      20,469,420
6. Philippines      19,227,280
7. Mexico      18,243,080
8. Italy      17,872,960
9. Canada      17,522,780
10. India      16,915,900
For the month of November, the Philippines ranked 7th in terms of  top growing countries on Facebook with an additional 777,680 users who signed up on the social network.

The Philippines is less than a million users away from outranking France for the 5th spot.

The 18-24 age brackets still dominates the Filipino Facebook population with 7,924,640 or 41.2%.  Teenagers are a growing population on Facebook with 3,660,520 comprising the 14-17 age bracket.

52.1% of the Philippine Facebook population are females, with 795,760 more than males.

Stats are based on and

Hashtag Abuse

Hashtags were originally created by the Twitter community to easily group tweets.   The nature of Twitters limited character space gives one just a little leeway on adding a hashtag or two.

A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a category. Hashtags have the 'hash' or 'pound' symbol (#) preceding the tag, like so: #traffic, #followfriday, #hashtag.

Hashtags have greatly helped the twitter community and make it a fun place.

Some people though, abuse the use in hopes of being witty and cute.   Sometimes it works, and sometimes, it's just plain annoying.

Take for example the recent burst of tweets from the lotto winner topic.   Some tweets just made their hashtags as cryptic and eyesoar as possible putting together entire sentences and rendering them as hashtags.   The idea of a hashtag is to let other people possibly adapt and use to talk about a certain topic, not to invent and use a new one for each and every tweet.

Here are some tips on using hashtags:

  1. Use twitter search and type some keywords related to your tweet.  Find out if someone else has used any hashtags in relation to the keywords.  If they seem relevant, you can adapt the hashtag.
  2. You can use more than 1 hashtag if you see it fit to categorize your tweet into more than 1 topic.  For example, a sports-related tweet can have both #baseball and #homerun if they're on-topic.
  3. Capitalize each 1st letter of the word if your hashtag is composed of more than 1 word.   #CrashTestDummy is much more readable than #crashtestdummy.
  4. Refrain from using underscores.  Just like registering domain names, it's best not to use underscores.
  5. Don't create variations of a hashtag.  When you create one, stick with it.   #AsianTribe and #AsiansTribe may confuse readers if you're referring to the same thing or not.
  6. Check if your message contains a word that you can use as a hashtag.  If there's one, prefix the # symbol to it so you won't need to type the same word at the end of your tweet.
  7. No j3j3m0n or LoWeRcAsE-uPpErCaSe combination hashtags please.  Hashtags are meant to be read, not encrypted.
  8. Make sure your hashtags are related to your tweet.  Placing a totally irrelevant hashtag to a tweet is just the same as spamming.
Don't abuse your hashtags.  Make them count.

"Vizconde" Emerges as a Twitter Worldwide Trending Topic

Dec. 14, 2010 2:00pm PH time
 After breaking news that Hubert Webb has just been acquitted from the Vizconde massacre for charges of murder, news, comments and discussion broke out on Twitter.   And the more than usual retweeting and talk about the acquittal has elevated "Vizconde" to a current worldwide trending topic on Twitter.   In addition, the hashtags #HubertWebb, #Webb and #7-4-4 (referring to the judges' decision) received much tweets too.  

Within less than 3 hours after the news broke out, Hubert Webb's wikipedia entry has also been updated to reflect the phrase "former convicted murderer."

Philippines Among The Top Countries With Newest Facebook Signups

Aside from the Philippines ranking 6th in the top 10 countries with the most number of Facebook users, the Philippines is also in 4th place in terms of the most number of new users within the past 3 months.

According to socialbakers and, the Philippines has gained a total of 2,533,040 new signups on Facebook, a 13.5% growth within the 3 month interval, bringing the total up to 18,768,040 Filipinos on the largest social networking site.

United States tops the 3 month growth, followed by Indonesia and Mexico.

The Philippines is also less than 2 million users away from surpassing France for the 5th spot.

Interestingly, Asia now constitutes over 122 million Facebook users with Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand acquiring new Facebook users in the hundred thousands to millions within the past quarter.

Over Half a Million Filipino New Facebook Signups Within 20 Days

In a span of 20 days, Filipinos are accountable to an additional 643,820 new signups on Facebook making the total number of Filipinos on Facebook grow to 18,768,040 users.    Last November 4, 2010, the total number of Filipino users on Facebook was at 18,124,220.   The new total though still places the Philippines as Rank 6 in the top 10 countries with the largest number of Facebook users.  Based on the latest statistics from, the percentage of Filipinos using the top social network grew from 3.31% to 3.33% of the total Facebook population of 564,121,840.
10 Largest Countries
1. United States      145,331,600
2. Indonesia      31,425,840
3. United Kingdom      28,770,560
4. Turkey      23,823,200
5. France      20,307,260
6. Philippines      18,768,040
7. Mexico      17,821,820
8. Italy      17,615,900
9. Canada      17,414,640
10. India      16,509,680

As of Nov. 24, 2010 Philippine time
For the Philippines, there are 9.7 million females on Facebook with a 52.4% userbase and 8.88 million males accouting a 47.6% userbase.
The 18 - 24 age bracket dominates the Facebook scene with 7,737,840 users followed by the 25-24 age bracket with 4,332,960 (23.1%) and in 3rd place are the 14-17 teenagers with a userbase of 3.5 million users.  Those stats indicate that over 83% of the entire Philippine Facebook population are within the 14 - 34 age bracket. 

Always interesting to note is the 65+ age bracket with 175,980 users.

Morning Twitter Trending Topics in Manila (November 23)

The top trending topics this morning in Manila are largely concentrated last night's events.
Twitter Trending Topics in Manila - Nov. 23, 2010 8am

  • @Juliusbabao , @karen_davila , @cesdrilon : the new batch of news #anchors for the late night news program on ABS-CBN, Bandila with an upgraded show format
  • #lotto :  Still with no winners, the nationwide PCSO 6/55 lotto draw jackpot is now at 590 Million pesos
  • @maxenemagalona , @saabmagalona : sisters celebrating their birthday today (their birthdays fall on the same day but are two years apart).  With a combined following of over 280,000, they're getting a lot of birthday greetings via twitter.
  • #ukiss : boyband from South Korea getting a major following in the Philippines

Pilipinas Kay Ganda Facebook Slogan & Logo Generator App

Much controversy lately has circled around the Department of Tourism's new slogan being "Pilipinas Kay Ganda."   Much online clamor widespread on social networks bearing disapproval for the new slogan saying that foreigners are likely to miss out on translation and sounded less appealing.   The previous slogan "Wow Philippines!" was already very catchy and easily comprehensible to foreigners.  People on Facebook and twitter kept posing the question "Why change it ?"

Facebook App Pilipinas Logo Generator

In lieu of this, a clever individual created a Facebook app where any user could replace the word "Pilipinas" with any other word and the result would be a spoofed logo of the one created by the Department of Tourism.   So if you entered "Vice", you'd get this logo (a perfect fit for comedian Vice Ganda).
Unfortunately, the short-lived Facebook app at ( or ) seems to have been taken offline as the URL doesn't work anymore.

The popularity of the app came about from the additional controversy after people pointed out that the new "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" logo looked very similar to that of Poland's logo.   DOT said that the similarities were purely coincidental, but online communities think otherwise.  

To make matters worse, one translation of "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" (beautiful Pilipinas) goes to a pornography website, another coincidence sprouting from the new slogan.

All the issues raised from the campaign has created a big stir online mostly on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

UPDATE:  The facebook app is back online again and working.  Click on the link above.

Twitter Trending Topics in Manila for Nov. 18

Here are the trending topics on Twitter in Manila for the morning of November 18.

Pacquiao - Margarito Match Places Manny on Trending Topic Worldwide

The much awaited boxing match of Pacquiao and Margarito caused much discussion on social media today enough for the keyword "Pacquiao" to be a worldwide trending topic.  

While the actual fight was being aired  via satellite on local pay-per-view, selected cinemas and in sports bars, auditoriums and gymnasiums,  Filipinos were contributing much of their comments via twitter.   The tweets about the match were everything from blow by blow accounts, to cheers of support to witty remarks and comments about the bout.   All that, added with every other Pacquiao fanatic and viewer all around the world catapulted Pacquiao to be the trending topic for the day.   Other keywords or hashtags that were related to Pacquiao were "Margarito", "Pacquiao-Margarito" and even "Mayweather" who many Pacquiao fans want to see them square off in the ring were included in the list of worldwide trending topics.

Being victorious, a lot of congratulatory remarks on twitter sprouted which added the keywords "Congrats Manny" and "Filipino Pride" to the list of worldwide trending topics even 12 hours after the actual match.

Nov 15, 2010 12:00am  Trending Topics
Also in an interesting note, the "Pacquiao" keyword was also a trending topic in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Trending Topics in Manila (Nov. 10)

Source: (Nov. 10, 2010)
Some trending hashtags in Manila for Nov. 10, 2010 based on are:
  • #nu107 - went off the air last November 8 after being 23 years on air
  • #tvpatrol - new tandem of news anchors Noli de Castro, Korina Sanchez & Ted Failon
  • #magkaribal - Finale of the teleserye just last Friday still sparks discussion
Some popular people tweeting in Manila are also associated with the popular hashtags.
@abscbnnews , @karen_davila , @kuyakim_atienza are associated with #tvpatrol and @nu107 remains alive after the station #nu107 goes off air.

Guessing Facebook Profile URLs

Have you ever tried guessing the URL of a facebook page you wanted to visit ?  Let's say try searching for the Eraserheads page on facebook.  One possible guess would be

That takes you to this: on Facebook
There may be no official one but the Facebook page with the largest Eraserheads following is at

This phonomena all came when Facebook introduced vanity URLs which were all up for grabs one midnight several months ago.   Everybody wanted to reserve their own vanity URL for easy recall and at the same time grab one before it gets taken.  In essence, you could reserve any name you want as long as it wasn't taken.  So now, you'd have facebook pages like:

Hopefully, when you look for the page you're looking for, you'll find the right one.

Filipino Facebook Users Jump To Over 18 Million

In a span of 1 week (from October 29 to November 4, 2010), Facebook gained an additional 181,880 Filipino users making the total Filipino Facebook userbase pass the 18 million mark for a current total of 18,124,220, a 3.31% share of the total number of Facebook users worldwide. as of Nov. 4, 2010 reports that Philippines is now in the 6th spot among the top countries using Facebook.  Having recently beaten Italy for the 6th spot, the Philippines is only 1.5 million users away from claiming the 5th spot currently being held by France.

There are still more Filipino females than males registered on the largest social network site.  41.3% of the total Filipino Facebook population lie within the 18-24 age bracket followed by 23.1% in the 25-34 age bracket and interestingly, 233,160 users are within ages 55-64.

10 Largest Countries
1. United States      143,583,400
2. Indonesia      29,844,240
3. United Kingdom      28,413,560
4. Turkey      23,313,440
5. France      19,677,640
6. Philippines      18,124,220
7. Italy      17,334,140
8. Canada      17,207,140
9. Mexico      16,976,340
10. India      15,299,080

There may be a possible surge of new users now especially with the showing of the movie "The Social Network" which depicts the story of Facebook from its early beginnings and how it evolved and emerged to be the leading social network today.

Top Facebook Company Brands in the Philippines

Top Facebook Company Brands in the Philippines
As much as personal profiles are a big hit on Facebook, so are Facebook Pages. Anything and everything from topics to items to celebrities to companies now have a chunk of territory on Facebook.  And just what are the top 5 brands in the Philippines.

Based on, the 5 brands in the Philippines with the most Facebook followers are

  1. Starbucks Philippines.  -  Starbucks is popular even without Facebook.   But add Starbucks with a humungous Filipino Facebook population and have a match made in coffee heaven.  Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page provides an extension of the cafe experience.   With a current total of 502,374 Facebook followers,  their facebook page takes the number 1 spot in the Philippine brands caetgory and rank 4,868 among all the Facebook pages worldwide.  Their pages are so popular they get an average of close to 4,000 new followers a day.  That's like 1 new Facebook follower every hour per branch nationwide.  And in the past 6 months, they've added almost 100,000 new followers.  
  2. 7-Eleven Philippines - What other store has just about a branch around almost every corner ?  7-Eleven !  They're a far 2nd place to Starbucks' followers with a current total of 36,471 followers.  But with their agressive online campaigns and use of social media, they well deserve to be in the top Facebook Philippine Brands.   They use their pages to post current contests, promos, winners and other announcements.   
  3. MASARAP UMINOM. kung ang iniinum mo e gatas.. AT ANG PULUTAN ay OREO! :)) - It doesn't seem like it's an official page as there are no links to Oreo or any milk product.  It's just pure admiration for this food combination.   May be it was created simply to create awareness or find people who have the same craving.   Whatever it is, they must have done something right cause they're in 3rd place with over 23,000 followers.  The endless thread consists of people telling their own stories on milk and oreos and some off topic posts which eventually go back to the original topic.  And the page gets at least 100 new followers everyday. 
  4. HP Philippines - As the milk & Oreo page is filled with user generated content, HP Philippines on the other hand is filled with updated on HP products and services by HP themselves.  Currently consisting of 3,486 followers and categorized under Technology, this page shares a lot of multimedia content to its followers.  If every Filipino on facebook who had an HP product followed their page, they'd have much much more followers.
  5. Marks & Spencer Philippines - The elite brand's facebook page currently has 1,634 followers and is classified under "Fashion" brand.  Their page receives an average of 22 new followers a day. Discussions posted on the page are mostly about their wide range of items, from clothing & foods to health and beauty products.  Followers tell what products they like and why.
The pages included in the top 5 were

For updated and detailed stats on the top 5 above, click on these links:

Deck The Halls With Your Christmas Hashtags

Christmas is just around the corner and aside from the cool air, you can see it to on social media.  The number of the Yuletide posts on twitter are increasing.  

@ABSCBNNEWS Twitter account is also posting a daily countdown till Christmas.   Some popular hashtags for Christmas are #Pasko2010 , #Christmas2010 and the obvious hashtag #Christmas.

4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit

The 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit will be held at the Garden Orchid Hotel in Zamboanga on October 30, 2010.  This year's theme is dubbed "The Mindanao Project: Weaving Voices Online."  This year’s summit aims to create a venue for Mindanaoan bloggers, discuss issues affecting them and formulate strategies to help reach their common goal of creating a brighter Mindanao.

Some topics to be presented this year are blogging for education, marketing blogs through social networking sites, promoting social change through video blogs and Blogger's new features to name a few. Regional bloggers will also give reports of their online communities. The entire list of speakers and topics can be seen here.

The previous Mindanao Bloggers Summit were held in Cagayan de Oro in 2009, General Santos City in 2008 and in Davao City in 2007.

For more information, visit

Starting a Twitter Trend: #undaspickuplines

On twitter, it only takes one person to think of an idea hoping to get picked up by other twitter friends.  Post your topic and criteria, create a hashtag and associate it with your tweet.  What people need to be aware of is that there's no guarantee it would click.

One of the most recent popular ideas that got picked up by lots of twitter users was #sentisabado , where each Saturday, people would tweet a personal experience reminiscent of their past based on the topic chosen for that week.  It has been talked about on twitter and has given online limelight to the creator of #sentisabado, blogger and social media practitioner Tonyo Cruz.

Few days til November 1 and we find a hashtag related to that: #undaspickuplines.  There's only 1 post so far by Jeff Tagle that reads:
Dalawin mo naman ako, patay ako eh... Patay na patay sa'yo. #undaspickuplines
The tweet has just been posted few minutes ago but has been retweeted several times already.  Let's see if this idea picks up.

Philippines Moves Up To Rank 6 On Facebook

Based on, the Philippines moves up 2 notches to Rank 6 as the country with the most number of facebook users.   Last week, the Philippines ranked 8th with 16,800,860 users registered with Facebook.

This week, the Philippines beat Canada and Italy to gain the 6th spot currently with 17,620,720 registered users giving the country a 3.27% global audience share on Facebook.

Gender distribution reveals that there are more Filipino Facebook female users than male.   Females constitute 52.5% totalling to 9,193,640 users while males constitute 47.5%  or 8,332,200 of the total Philippine Facebook population.

The age bracket with the biggest population is 18-24 with  7,284,920, 41% of the total Filipino Facebook population.  It's also interesting to note that there are 157,780 Filipino Facebook users over the age of 65.   Thanks to the likes of the Lola Techie campaign of Bayantel for possibly encouraging more lolos and lolas to use Facebook.

The top 10 countries on Facebook are:
10 Largest Countries
1. United States      142,631,260
2. Indonesia      29,363,800
3. United Kingdom      28,038,000
4. Turkey      23,036,280
5. France      19,592,080
6. Philippines      17,620,720
7. Italy      17,241,780
8. Canada      16,980,140
9. Mexico      16,630,320
10. India      14,852,060

Juanvote For Barangay Elections

Juanvote is alive and in full effect today for the 2010 Sangguniang Kabataan & Barangay Elections. Juanvote is the online social persona of the Filipino voting public.  

Its tagline "Pinoy Netizens For Free & Honest Elections" at is a one-pager site containing a twitter stream of tweets with the #juanvote hashtag and a live stream video feed from Global Destiny's GNN.  #juanvote is a collaborative project of 100Araw, BlogWatch, Global Destiny Cable, GameOPS, VoteReportPH,  RockEd, POC, Cebu Bloggers Society, Code Radio, We Watch, Kodao Productions, TXTPower, Tech Tanod, Reklamotion. 10-25-2010 9:30am

The Official twitter account of Juanvote, encourages people to tweet about their experiences in voting. Because of this, the hashtag #juanvote is becoming a trending topic today in the Philippines.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Creates Twitter Account

Shortly aftert PAGASA announced their newly created Twitter account, the Armed Forces of the Philippines also now jumps on the Social Media bandwagon.  Their official Twitter username TeamAFP can be accessed at  

Created last October 20, 2010, they have so far posted 7 tweets and currently have 241 followers.
To make their online presence more known, they tweeted to @govph and @dost_pagasa asking to promote them to their followers too. 

Looks like local government offices are slowly adapting to use the power of social media as a quick  and easy broadcasting and communication tool.

Trending Twitter Keywords in Cebu : 66th Anniversary of Leyte Gulf Landing

Aside from the typhoon-related keywords, the trending Twitter keywords in Cebu City today are palo, #leyte, 66th, douglas and macarthur

All of these words are related to the 66th anniversary celebration of the Leyte Gulf Landings which were led by General Douglas MacArthur in October 20, 1944.  His awaited return was his promise to the Filipinos after uttering the words "I shall return" in Corregidor in March 1942.

What's interesting is that these tweets originate more in Cebu than in Leyte.

Typhoon Juan-related Trending Topics

Source: (Oct. 19, 2010 11:30am)
Trending keywords for the morning of October 19, 2010 in NCR:  preschool, elem, suspended, suspension, ched, rotating, brownout, rainy, typhoon, @deped_ph, @govph

Most tweets are related to the suspension of classes due to typhoon Juan.

Typhoon Juan Has Its Own Facebook Page

With the advent of Social Media, Typhoon Juan (International Name: Megi) now has its own Facebook page.

To date, Typhoon Juan Facebook page has 158 followers.  It's facebook page description says: "This page will provide updates on Super Typhoon Juan as it threatens the Philippines, particularly northern Luzon. This also serves as a venue for affected individuals and communities to report on the condition in their area. "

Aside from the typhoon's location, the messages posted also include updates on flight schedule cancellations, class suspensions, power outages and storm signals.  The messages cite different sources such as DZMM (radio), PAL (airline), PAGASA-DOST (govt) , PIA (govt), MERALCO (electricity) and GMA (news) to name a few.

It's a good thing the messages aren't posted in the 1st person narrative.  It would be erie if a typhoon was speaking to you personally, and much so, "like" you.

The Facebook URL for Typhoon Juan is

Typhoon Talk on Twitter

From the keywords picked up on local twitter trends (courtesy of, the keywords typhoon followed by the areas Isabela, Tuguegarao and Cagayan pinpoint affected areas of typoon Megi/Juan.  

Other twitter keywords relative to the typhoon are "ulan", "pagasa" and @kuyakim_atienza who is also associated with announcing weather forecasts and updates.  Kim Atienza, an active twitter user is currently providing typhoon updates in his timeline.  The current popular hashtags for this typhoon are #Typhoon #MEGI & #Juan

Super typhoon Megi is recorded as the 4th strongest typhoon to hit the planet packing maximum wind of 225 kilometers per hour (140 mph) and gustiness of as much as 260 kilometers per hour.

PAGASA Creates Twitter Account For Typhoon Updates

As tropical storm "Megi" is set to hit the Philippines within the next few days, Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) is increasing its online reach by adding Twitter to announcing their storm updates.

PAGASA created their new account on twitter with the username @dost_pagasa.  A few hours after creating their twitter account, they now have close to 1,500 followers and rising.

PAGASA usually releases weather bulletins every 6 hours but mentioned that for twitter, they intend to post hourly updates.  In addition to Twitter, PAGASA posts weather bulletins can be accessed on their official website and via SMS.

You can follow PAGASA on twitter at

Twitter As Weather Reporter

Oct. 14, 2010 10:00am screenshot from
One of the things that people tweet is the weather.  There's nothing more real-time than saying how's the weather.   And in the Philippines where weather conditions could be of the extremes, people like to relay the info and some do so using Twitter.

Based on , an online service that shows real-time local trends, some popular tweet keywords for Manila and the Metro are "gloomy" and "rainy".

When the weather is really hot and humid, chances are they'll wind up on your timeline as well.

Facebook Gets Over 300,000 New Filipino Users

Facebook Gets Over 300,000 New Filipino Users
Based on, the number of facebook users from the Philippines increased by 307,980.   Last October 5, the cited number of Philippine Facebook users was at 16,492,880 and jumped to 16,800,860 on October 8.  

Even though the facebook population percentage of Filipinos dropped from 3.22% to 3.19%, the Philippines still remains as the 8th country with the largest population of Facebook users.

The addition of users may not necessarily be new registrations as existing users may have updated their basic info to reflect "Philippines" as their location.

For Facebook population updates, visit

Nominations Open For Philippine Blog Awards 2010

It's that time of the year again to seek out the best blogs in the Pinoy Blogosphere.  And the Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) season is here once again to do just that: seek the deserving blogs and bloggers in the land.

The 2010 Philippine Blog Awards has officially started today. Now on its 4th year, the award giving body pays tribute and honors the best Filipino bloggers and blogs in the country. Nominations are open for blogs in 21 different categories. The categories include Technology, Travel, Entertainment, Personal (Diary/Journal), Food & Beverage, Home and Parenting, Lifestyle, Business, Sports, Hobby & Recreation, Beauty & Fashion, Photoblog, Culture & Arts, Society/Politics & History, Science and Nature, Videocast and Podcast, Literature/Literary, Pets, Advocacy, Humor and other categories.

There will be an additional 8 special awards given for excellence in the following categories: Filipiniana, Best Blog Design, Top Three Post for 2010, Top Three Video Post and Podcast for 2010, Top Three Photo Post for 2010, Top Post for 2010, Bloggers' Choice & Readers' Choice.

Nominated blogs must owned and written by Filipinos. The Filipiniana category is open to non-Filipinos and to Filipinos who are abroad. Anyone can nominate any blog to any category but the owner of the blog must to accept the nomination to confirm its entry.

For complete info on the nomination process, guidelines and eligibility, visit the official website at

So start nominating your favorite blogs and goodluck to all the nominees !

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing 101 Webinar

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing 101 Webinar
4th Media Corporation is holding a free webinar on Search Engine and Social Media Marketing 101 on September 9, 2010 from 10:00am to 11:00am.  Aside from those topics, they will also introduce Search Profile Index and its services.

The webinar will be using the GoToWebinar app, an online service provided by ttp://

A more in-depth workshop on Sales Tactics Using Search Engine and Social Media Marketing will be held on September 28 to 30 at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business at Rockwell Drive in Makati City.

For more details, visit

Go Places With Facebook (Only in the US).

Go Places With Facebook (Only in the US).
If you're familiar with Foursquare, then you'll have an idea of what Facebook Places is. Places is a Facebook feature that allows you to see where your friends are and share your location in the real world. When you use Places, you'll be able to see if any of your friends are currently checked in nearby and connect with them easily. You can check into nearby Places to tell your friends where you are, tag your friends in the Places you visit, and view comments your friends have made about the Places you visit.

Unfortunately, it's only available to users in the United States but with mobile access.  Users can check in by accessing on their mobile device.  More places will be rolled out in the future and the app will support more mobile devices.

So what can Filipino users do for now ?  Well there's still foursquare with over 3 million users.  You can use foursquare as training ground for location based services and when Facebook Places supports the Philippines, you can decide which one to use, or use both, or hopefully, a bridge app will integrate or link the two together so you only have to update one and the other will pick up your update.

Venus Raj Fans Create A Major Major Facebook Page

Filipinos took note of Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s answer in the Miss Universe pageant when asked “What was the one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right?”.

Venus answered “In my 22 years of existence there is nothing major major problem I've done that I have done in my life.” The phrase “major major” caught the attention of people, since it’s not a common phrase in the English language. On Twitter, Fashion designer Rajo Laurel tweeted that Venus’ answer translated in Filipino is “Wala po akong naging problema sa buhay ko na BONGGANG-BONGGA!" And it does seem like that what Venus’ answered is a direct translation.

Major Major Facebook Fan Page
A facebook fan immortalized this moment by creating a facebook fan page entitled “Major Major.” In a span of a day after creating the page, there have been 500 people who “liked” it and is still growing. People who have added the page to their favorites, have commented that they loved her answer and that she had the coolest answer and gave her thumbs up for the very “Filipino” phrase. Some have wittingly used it in their comments as well like “You made me major major happy” and “I major major love your answer” And “Super major major congrats!”

While Venus only placed 4th runner up, she still accomplished an amazing feat by which Filipinos are proud of. And her major major answer is now being adapted as a Filipino expression.

Venus Raj Predicted As Miss Universe on a Youtube Video

Venus Raj Predicted As Miss Universe on a Youtube Video
If you search youtube for "Miss Universe 2010", you'll be surprised to see several videos by users even if the actual pageant coronation night is still a day away.

Users have been using Social Media to voice out their top country picks.  This along with users in discussions on the various social networks generate a huge amount of content even if coronation night hasn't commenced yet.   The example below is a video by user venemiami who acts like a pre-pageant host counting down his personal top 15 picks.

And guess what ?  He chooses no other than Miss Philippines, Venus Raj as his top pick.

Incidentally, Venus Raj's comment on Facebook cited that she has been chosen among the top 15 candidates.   A leak like this can easily spread word especially on a social networking site like Facebook as users can easily share this with friends.

Don't fail to watch the Miss Universe Pageant live at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada on August 23, 2010 as Venus Raj will be wearing the Philippine Sash as her national costume.

Nike Philippines Basketball Campaign Integrates With Facebook

Nike Philippines introduces their "New Breed, New Game, New Legacy" basketball campaign.  On their website at is an animated intro featuring selected basketball team representatives from San Beda, FEU and Ateneo with their team mascots depicted behind them as a colorful backdrop.   

The campaign's premise is basically a tally for the school with the most number of votes.  The site encourages everybody to show support for their favorite school by adding ones photo and sending a short message.  Clicking on "Cheer For Your Team" lets you choose your favorite team.  Choose the team you want gives you two choices: "Cheer for team" and "View team".  Clicking on "Cheer" lets you leave a message for your chosen team.  Once you've left a message,  you'll be sent to a facebook page where the app "nikemosaic" is requesting for permission to link your facebook account to the team page.Clicking on "Allow" takes you back to the Nike page where your cheer and vote has been added to the team's page.  "View team" brings you to the team's page with all the avatars of people who chose that team.  Clicking on any one avatar will bring up their cheer/message.   You have an option (found below the message) to "share" or "post on wall" which then prepares and formulates your message your facebook posting by giving the link and letting you post to your profile by clicking on "Share".

Nike also released a video featuring the campaign's slogan "New Breed, New Game, New Legacy".

After only 2 days of the video being posted, there are already close to 10,000 views.  Looks like the video is successfully going viral.

Welcome To Pinoy Social Media !

Welcome To Pinoy Social Media !
Mabuhay !

Social Media has swept Filipinos off its feet and into the social network scene by the millions.   Whether it be facebook or friendster, twitter or plurk, multiply or myspace, youtube or flickr, foursquare or gowalla, the Philippines has integrated its offline social nature with the online social media.

This site aims to provide up to date news, opinion and observations on the ever-growing social media usage of Filipinos.

Happy Socializing ! Happy Networking !

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